10 Resume Phrases Recruiters Hate

Emojis, platitudes, and a sense of humor are not appreciated by most employers.

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If you’ve had to read an application, know that there is no need to go through it from start to finish to see if the person is suitable for the job. Usually, one look is enough to spot a few words or phrases that may indicate certain personality traits.

According to a recent study, only 1/5 of employers have enough patience to read a resume. In fact, most make a decision – look at the resume or discard it – in less than 60 seconds. The survey, conducted by the New College of Humanities in London, UK, selected 2,000 recruiters as a sample.

What words or phrases make employers reject a resume at first sight?

More than 59 percent of recruiters hate to run into oversights, no matter how minor, such as grammatical and typographical errors. But that doesn’t make them as angry as reading clichés and popular idioms like “I can work independently”, “I know how to work on a team” and “I work hard”.

Another thing they hate is informality. For example someone who ends an email in a too casual tone, or worse, their email has a strange nickname in it. And what about emojis? 4 out of 10 employers would discard an application that contained any of these symbols.

“White lies”, often in résumés

The same study found that a surprising number of job seekers are willing to lie when writing their résumés. Major lies include adding years to the time they worked in previous companies (1 in 12 people), adding responsibilities to previous positions (1 in 20), or even lying about their hobbies (11 percent ).

According to a recent study, these are the top ten phrases that recruiters hate the most – and that we’ve probably all used at some point in our lives.

1. “I know how to work hard”
2. “I work well under pressure”
3. “I work independently”
4. “I am effective in solving problems”
5. “I know how to work in a team”
6. “I am proactive”
7. “I am a good communicator”
8. “I can listen well”
9. “My writing skills are excellent”
10. “I’m thrilled”

Did you come across a resume that made you angry? What is the first thing you notice when you check it out?

With information from The Telegraph.

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