“Windmills Do not Trigger Most cancers” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden traveled to Golden, Colorado on Tuesday to advance his communist Green New Deal agenda.

Biden visited the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to promote its “Build Back Better” garbage plan.

Joe Biden’s trip to Colorado ended his two-day tour of the western states, where he surveyed the drought-stricken region and attributed forest fires to climate change.

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“We don’t have time now. The goals are different, ”he said. “We don’t have much more than 10 years. For real.”

Biden said junk wind turbines are the answer to fighting climate change.

A winter storm in Texas caused power outages earlier this year and nearly half of the wind turbines froze.

Biden’s pitch on Tuesday: “Windmills are not a case of cancer.”

They only cause death and misery when they freeze or when they fail.


President Biden: “Extreme weather cost America $ 99 billion last year. […] We know what is driving it: climate change. ”Pic.twitter.com/svu4A6hMU1

– The Hill (@thehill) September 14, 2021

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