2020 and me: ‘We have to be taught life classes from this’

2020 has affected different people around the world, but for the elderly, the Covid-19 pandemic has been particularly devastating.

For Mahnaz Rehman, a 71-year-old from Karachi, Pakistan, the year was a tragic one. She lost her husband after a long battle with the disease and was unable to invite friends or family to the funeral because of the lockdown of the country at the time.

Now, with relaxed qualifications, she explains how she reflects on the events of the year and what she thinks the world should learn from them.

This film was made by Karim ul-Islam of BBC Urdu as part of the ‘2020 and me’ series, a short series of films from around the world examining how the events of 2020 affected them.

Series producer: Dan Curtis

* This film was shot according to local distancing rules.

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