5 Most Profitable Video Advertising Techniques Manufacturers Are Utilizing to Seize Eyeballs and Convert Prospects

February 27, 2021 5 min read

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The world is still wavering on the effects of Covid-19 and many companies are counting their losses. Corporate brands are badly affected as most of them have a stationary structure. The start of the Covid-19 vaccinations is the long-awaited light at the end of the tunnel and companies are preparing to resume normal operations. Brands are looking for all possible ways to get back engaged with their audience, and video marketing remains a viable tool for that engagement.

According to a recent annual Internet report from Cisco, 82% of Internet traffic will be driven by video in 2022. However, with the pandemic changing marketing communications, the dynamics of video marketing are no longer the same and corporate brands have to adapt to the “new normal” in order to achieve favorable results.

Going forward, let’s take a look at the recent video marketing trends that are having an impact on corporate brands.

Flexibility is the key to adapting to change

Planning is key to business activities. Everything is carefully outlined to keep order. Marketers adhere to this rule in their video marketing campaigns by developing solid strategies with an eye for the smallest detail. This is commendable as a well-planned marketing strategy rarely goes wrong, but the story is not the same in the face of unprecedented events. Your solid video marketing strategy suddenly becomes unproductive as it plays in a different area.

The brands that are having the most impact despite the challenges of the pandemic are those that are able to change their video marketing strategies quickly and on the fly. They bring elements of current reality into their campaigns and speak a language that people can identify with.

Creating marketing campaigns through physical interactions was out of place during the Covid-19 lockdown with people at home and isolated. A change in the direction of such marketing campaigns would only be possible if there was room for flexibility.

Empathy is priceless

Many video marketing campaigns have one end goal – to increase sales. For most marketers, their campaign will not be successful until they check this box. There is a large gap between the point of contact with the consumer and the point of sale. A great deal of tact is required to successfully guide the consumer through the various stages of the sales funnel. Last year we reiterated that empathy is essential to successful video marketing.

People reconsidered their priorities after the pandemic. Things that were at the top of the list fell down when the need for survival was the focus. The lockdown created distress and products that used to be of great value to the consumer became irrelevant. Rather than forcing their products down the throats of people, successful brands have focused on showing concerns about the wellbeing of their audience by creating solidarity and compassionate video marketing campaigns. They shifted their goals from sales to convenience, believing that one would remember to be there during these troubled times.

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Opposing injustice is more rewarding than keeping silent

Corporate brands are determined by mission, vision and purpose. These factors are anchored in a company’s values. Although brands have different values, they share a similarity with improving humanity.

Some corporate brands have expressed their values ​​very clearly and use their voices to improve society. Social injustice issues such as racial and gender inequalities and police brutality have made headlines recently. Brands that have been very vocal about these vices in their video marketing campaigns stand out among their peers and gain consumer trust by choosing to speak up instead of looking the other way.

An Edelman report found that 64% of consumers would either patronize or boycott a brand based on their position on a social or political issue. Incorporate your values ​​into your video marketing campaigns as a constant reminder of where your business is.

There’s no better time to be creative with your budget

One of the biggest lessons the pandemic has taught us in general is the need to be careful with our finances. Survival became a struggle as the world economy shut down in the early days of the pandemic. Business organizations had to minimize their marketing budgets in order to retain their employees and still stay afloat. Investing thousands of dollars in high-budget TV spots was not a viable option.

Successful brands use video marketing and other digital marketing techniques to engage with their audiences on social media. What’s more interesting is that they don’t focus on creating their content using high-end production devices, but rather using smartphones.

Brands had to work with whatever they could get their hands on while everyone was stuck at home during the lockdown. The audience understood the situation and engaged in branded video campaigns, including live streaming.

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Mobile-friendly content still applies

In a recent study, no less than 56% of consumers said they started using their phones more during the pandemic. Your video marketing campaigns will hit the mark when they get more views. You are robbing a lot of people of the opportunity to see your amazing offers if your video marketing campaigns are not tailored for mobile devices. The mobile-first trend is not subsiding anytime soon as search engine giants like Google are prioritizing indexing mobile content.


The video marketing statistics available are promising for corporate brands. With many brands vying for consumer attention, corporate brands are doing their best to create a sophisticated technical aesthetic in their video marketing campaigns. However, recently we learned that the content itself is paramount. The consumer is more receptive to content that resonates with him – everything else is secondary.

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