A Enterprise Chief’s Newbie Information to Cybersecurity

Use the available cybersecurity solutions to protect your company and its digital assets.

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September 26, 2020 4 min read

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According to Statista, there are around 4.57 billion active internet users worldwide in July 2020. This number is great for businesses, especially those that are driven by the digital economy.

As companies continue to capitalize on the tech age and the opportunities it presents, the presence of cyber criminals increases as well. The activities of these criminals cannot be ignored as they can crash any business. Executives who want to stay in business need to pay more attention to cybersecurity.

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While there is no definitive solution to cybercrime, perceived as the greatest threat to modern businesses, entrepreneurs like you can use the cybersecurity solutions and knowledge available to protect your business and its digital assets. In the following you will find three types of help:

1. Get everyone involved

Gone are the days when cybersecurity was seen as a mere job for the IT team. Executives around the world are realizing this and you need to do the same.

In a Harvard Business Review, cybersecurity experts Thomas J. Parenty and Jack J. Domet insist that no amount of technology, resources, or guidelines will reverse the trend in which cybercrime has increased. “Only solid governance emanating from the board can turn the tide. Protecting against cyberattacks cannot be treated as an issue that belongs exclusively to an IT or cybersecurity department. It has to create a broad and impenetrable web that covers everything a company does – from its business processes, models and strategies to its products and intellectual property. “

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A cyberattack can occur when an innocent employee clicks on a malicious link from a corporate device. The exercise must involve the least amount of person connected with the business. There is a real threat out there; your business and your assets are at stake. Everyone in your company needs to understand this as well as you do.

2. Develop a cybersecurity policy

If you’re preaching the importance of cybersecurity on your own, it may not. A policy setting out your company’s cybersecurity protocols is required. A cybersecurity policy sets the standards of conduct for activities such as encrypting email attachments and restrictions on social media use.

Non-IT staff are usually the weakest link in any cybersecurity effort. These employees usually share passwords, click links, download attachments, and have little knowledge about encrypting data. All of this opens the door to cyberattacks and can keep your business safe.

Establishing a cybersecurity policy would help your employees and third parties accessing your digital assets understand how to protect and protect your data from the prying eyes of cyber criminals. You need to take responsibility for creating a culture that prioritizes safety. This would improve your company’s credibility status.

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According to the FCC, following these tips would help keep your business and its digital assets safe:

  1. Protect information, computers and networks from cyber attacks

  2. Create a mobile device action plan

  3. Back up essential business data and information.

  4. Control physical access to your computers and create user accounts for each employee

  5. Secure your Wi-Fi networks

  6. Use payment card best practices

  7. Restrict employees’ access to data and information and the right to install software

  8. Passwords and authentication

Setting up a cybersecurity policy for your business seems like another tedious task or process, but the benefits outweigh the costs: do it now!

3. Get a Trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The risks of going online are enormous. The reality is this: if you are not online, cyber criminals have no chance with you. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool with which you can anonymously interact with the Internet and thus drastically reduce your risk of cybercrime.

With leading VPN providers like Express VPN, Nord VPN and Switcherry offering unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth and free servers in the US, individuals and businesses can tackle the prevailing cyber threats and protect their digital assets from prying eyes by using a secure connection of provide all kinds of tracking.

Cybersecurity is necessary for your business to survive in today’s world. Start your cybersecurity journey with the important tips in this post.

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