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Australia scraps coronavirus vaccine

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison canceled a major order for a developed coronavirus vaccine on Friday after failing to get approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, the country’s drug agency.

“The advice we received and the Cabinet National Security Committee met this week and made the final decision yesterday is that the University of Queensland vaccine will not be able to proceed on the basis of scientific advice , and that won’t happen again as part of the Australian vaccination schedule. And the decision we have made should give Australians great reassurance that we are proceeding carefully. We move quickly, but not in undue rush. Ultimately, as with any vaccine in Australia, the Therapeutic Goods Administration has to have a tick-off – without that tick, there is no stab in this country when it comes to vaccines. This applies to the Covid-19 vaccine as well as to any other vaccine that is administered here in Australia. “” It is clear that the mutually agreed discontinuation of the Q vaccine should be a promising vaccine. It would probably work. But we knew we didn’t want any issues with confidence, and this false positive test could have caused some confusion and lack of confidence. But it was very, very good technology. It looked like it was producing antibodies, and it probably would have worked very well as a vaccine. “

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