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In partnership with entrepreneurs, Nestlé ventures into the food service sector with its leading brand of condensed milk.

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January 23, 2021 4 min read

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Nestlé wants to sweeten the lives of Mexicans more and is therefore campaigning for a new business model through its leading brand for condensed milk. In doing so, he supports entrepreneurs so that they can found Kioscos La Lechera in the company and thus let their business grow.

This new concept will be run by the business owners and they will lead the concept of the brand with a menu specially crafted from the product portfolio that has made La Lechera a tradition.

In an interview with the entrepreneur, Marcelo Citriágulo, VP of Nestlé Professionals, said that this is a creation of shared value. The entrepreneurs receive training and tips on how to prepare the best sweet recipes and offer them to their consumers.

“It’s not a franchise,” the manager clarified. Food and drinks “with La Lechera” are sold here. In this way, the brand will share its image with the entrepreneurs who will become allies of Nestlé and who will be responsible for managing the operation of products and services, but with the support and expertise of the dessert recipes on offer. with Nestlé products.

With that in mind, a kiosk could be named after Laura desserts made with La Lechera, Citrangulo said.


Entrepreneurs must already have a consumer center or space set up to start this great branding opportunity. “Nestlé will be responsible for conveying the concept to the place, from the branding and operational expertise of the offer to the menu made with all the products in the portfolio that we have,” explained Citrangulo.

For example, Nescafé drinks could be sold in the kiosk and raw material exclusivity must be available, said the interviewee.

“We will always support entrepreneurs. We want to support them as strategic allies and lead them to success. We will share all the knowledge, ”he emphasized.

Internal entrepreneurship

The idea came from the Nestlé Professional team, a group of in-house entrepreneurs who are always looking to improve the customer experience, explained Marcelo. “We are people who always have to think in favor of our customers and consumers. I think it was fantastic to improve the customer experience. “”

La Lechera is an icon in Mexico, where it has been around for 85 years. Citriangle emphasizes that it is a brand that stands out as the only condensed cow milk. In addition, it has always been shaped by innovation and striving to be at the top. Evidence of this are the developments in lactose-free, fat-free, dulce de leche or spreadable options. “Why not innovate at the kiosk now, make it a memorable experience and make sure they have the best recipes?” He says.

Kioscos La Lechera was founded in Brazil, where the idea originated. Now it is being replicated in Mexico. The first kiosk opened in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, and later in Guadalajara, Jalisco, last December.

With this new business model, Nestlé is opening its doors so that small and medium-sized businesses can see them as their allies and grow their business.

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