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President-elect Joe Biden introduced Miguel Cardona as his election for Secretary of Education on Wednesday, saying Connecticut’s chief education officer and lifelong public school advocate is the right choice to lead the department as the nation is concerned with the safe education of students during the pandemic fights.

The selection fulfills Biden’s promise to nominate someone with experience in public education and would meet his goal of appointing an education chief that is in sharp contrast to President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos.

Unlike DeVos, a school election attorney who Biden says is an opponent of public schools, Cardona is a product of theirs starting with entering kindergarten who cannot speak English.

Biden’s education policy will be a sharp departure from Trump’s current Minister of Education, Betsy DeVos [File: Manuel Balce Ceneta/AP Photo]During his presentation in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden described Cardona as a “brilliant” educator who would help advance his government’s commitment to the safe reopening of schools.

“We can do it if we give school districts, communities and states clear guidelines and resources that are not already on their tight budgets,” said Biden, adding that solving the problem “requires someone who understands the need to prevent the pandemic. ” further exacerbate inequalities in our education system ”.

Early next year, Biden said he would present Congress with a plan for the next steps in the education system, including funding, to employ educators and safely reopen schools.

When introducing Cardona, Biden noted his focus on expanding distance learning to communities in need and ensuring schools in his state have adequate safety equipment.

“That is the vision, determination and initiative that will help us contain this pandemic and safely reopen our schools,” said Biden. “It is a standard of care that comes from teaching in a classroom. … He’s an education minister for the moment. “

Dr. Miguel Cardona is a retired public school teacher and a proven leader ready to lead on day one. Tune in when President-elect Biden Dr. Introducing Cardona as his candidate for Minister of Education:

– Biden-Harris Presidential Transition (@ Transition46) December 23, 2020

Cardona, 45, grew up on a residential project in Meriden, Connecticut, and went through the city’s public school system before returning to the district in 1998 as a fourth-grade teacher. At 28, he was the youngest headmaster in the state before working his way up to the district’s assistant superintendent.

Cardona made several references in Spanish to his immigrant grandparents and his bicultural upbringing.

“I’m bilingual and bicultural and as American as apple pie, rice and beans.” A background he said gives him perspective on how to address the nation’s educational inequalities.

“I know how challenging this year was for students, educators and parents. I have lived these challenges with millions of American families, ”Cardona said. “It has taken some of our most painful long-standing disparities and widened them even further.”

Cardona was appointed to the Connecticut top education agency just months before the March COVID-19 pandemic broke out. When schools switched to distance learning, he rushed to ship more than 100,000 laptops to students across the state. Since then, however, he has increasingly pushed schools to reopen, stating that it is harmful to keep students at home.

One of the goals that Biden and Cardona will focus on is the safe reopening of U.S. schools [Michael Conroy/AP Photo]If this is confirmed, his first task will be to expand these efforts across the country. Biden has pledged to reopen the majority of U.S. schools within his first 100 days in office. It promises new federal guidelines for school opening decisions and a “large-scale” education department to identify and share best teaching methods during a pandemic.

Cardona’s position on schools reopening has at times brought him into conflict not only with teachers’ unions who have called for school buildings to be closed pending security, but also with some parents who say schools should be ordered to open.

Despite their occasional conflict with him, a coalition of education unions in Connecticut supported his candidacy for Biden’s education secretary. Cardona was also backed by the Hispanic Caucus of Congress, which pushed Biden to appoint more Latinos to cabinet positions.

In addition to the pandemic, Biden’s Secretary of Education will also be tasked with reversing a number of guidelines issued by DeVos. Biden has pledged to repeal Trump administration guidelines, including DeVos’ new rules for handling sexual assault cases on campus, and has pledged to restore several Obama-era rules that DeVos repealed or rewritten .

Biden’s educational plans also include activities that are consistent with Cardona’s interests. The Democrat has pledged to triple federal funding for Title I for the schools most in need and has proposed a free preschool and measures to diversify the country’s teaching staff.

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