Black Capitol Police Officers Warned About Racism Prior To Insurgency

Black Capitol police officers are aware of the racism they say has been rampant in government buildings for years. The January 6th riot at the Capitol heightened what they have known all along.

Hundreds of blacks, according to a ProPublica report Officers have submitted Racial discrimination lawsuits against law enforcement agencies since 2001. The agents said they had suffered significant abuse, such as white coworkers who called some black officers the N-word hanging from noose in an officer’s locker, and white officers who had black coworkers as friends , were called “FOGs” or “Friends of Gangsters”.

These issues were also in the foreground during the Obama administration. Agency lawyers denied that there was wrongdoing.

Black police officers were exposed to “unprovoked stops” by employees. A Capitol cop claimed that a white officer boldly said to someone, “Obama monkey, go back to Africa.”

According to the report, a former chief tried to give the department a show of justice. Kim Dine, the retired After three years of activity, he inherited the bigoted department in 2012. In the interview, he spoke of the fact that he had to deal with the racist environment of the department. Dine made many changes to the department, including hiring a black woman to head the diversity bureau, promoting a black officer to deputy boss, and creating a disciplinary committee with a black female leader.

“There’s a problem with racism in this country, in pretty much every facility there is,” Dine told ProPublica. “In retrospect, you can always do more.”

While he has made significant strides in the department, they have not helped end racism in the agency.

Washington DC, USA. Uploaded by Mifter, CC BY 2.0

As for more information on the uprising on the Capitol’s surfaces, black officers bravely step forward to share their stories about what they think the agency has given up.

Former Capitol cop Sharon Blackmon-Malloy was a 25-year veteran with the agency. She claimed she had “spent decades sounding the alarm on what she viewed as endemic racism within the force”.

“Nothing was ever really resolved. Congress ignored the racism on the hill, ”Blackmon-Malloy told ProPublica. “We got January 6th because nobody took us seriously.”

She retired as a lieutenant in 2007 and in 2001 directed her own complaint against the department. The veterans officer now serves as vice president of the U.S. Capitol Black Police Association, which held 16 demonstrations against alleged discrimination between 2013 and 2018.

According to BuzzFeed, two black cops allegedly Senior officials left law enforcement officers unprepared and unguided for the deadly uprising. They remained anonymous for fear of reprisals from the department.

A veteran of the force told Buzzfeed that he had received a tip from a friend.

“I found out what they were up to when a friend of mine sent me an Instagram story from the Proud Boys saying, ‘We’re breaking the Capitol today, guys. I hope you are ready, ”the official told the publication.

The agent admitted that senior management had ordered them to prepare for the protest but failed to warn them of the gravity of the riot they were causing Trump’s instigation.

One of the anonymous officers admitted that he thought black protesters would not have been met with the same grace as the MAGA insurgents.

“If you want to treat a group of protesters for Black Lives Matter in any way, you should treat that group the same way. With this group you were nice and nice and let them go back out again. “The officer told BuzzFeed. “Some of them were arrested, but many were not. Anyone who came to this Capitol should have been arrested, whether or not they took anything. “

The older of the two officers told Buzzfeed that he was upset and angry about the deadly uprising. The lack of urgency and response from the Capitol Police Department to the situation did not help. The destroyed agent sobbed in the Capitol rotunda.

“I sat down with a friend of mine, another black man, and tears ran down my face,” he said. I said, ‘What the fuck man? Is that america? What the fuck just happened I’m so sick and tired of this s **. ‘”

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