#ChangeMusic Roadmap Initiative Launched by The Recording Academy And Coloration Of Change

(Image: The Admission Academy)

The Recording Academy and Color Of Change have announced the joint release of the #ChangeMusic Roadmap.

#ChangeMusic Roadmap is a guide created to move the music industry beyond conversation and intent, and move them towards actionable racial justice. This collaboration is the latest initiative by the partner organizations to promote noticeable change in the music industry.

“The #ChangeMusic Roadmap urges the industry to change exclusion and degradation patterns and take action to move forward by:

  • Invest in black talent + careers by supporting efforts to retain and train black people.
  • Commit to transparent reporting on black representation by conducting a third party and public diversity audit and reporting wage differentials annually.
  • Join and work with the Black Community by entering into contracts with black-owned and operated companies and brands that are aligned with anti-racist values ​​of social justice.
  • Promote citizen advocacy and participation by giving employees paid time off to participate in national elections.
  • Invest in black security by joining and supporting recent calls to review the role of the police in black communities and solve structural problems in the criminal justice system. “

“Change cannot wait. We believe this #ChangeMusic roadmap will be key to driving advancement in the academy and music industry. It has been developed over the past few months with the aim of holding us accountable. The roadmap is intended to serve as an important tool to support the changes we urgently need to make together in music, “said Harvey Mason Jr., Chairman and Interim President / CEO of the Recording Academy, in a written statement. “This is a new era for the Recording Academy and we are not going to stop until the job is done. The Recording Academy and Color Of Change invite our colleagues and partners to join us on this path of transformation. “

“In a year of insurrection, illness and distance, music has been both a healing power and a call to action. It has helped us come to terms with our pain and drive social change. This moment provides an unprecedented opportunity to change patterns of exclusion and humiliation and take action towards progress, “Rashad Robinson, President of Color Of Change, said in a statement. “In order to honor and reinforce the past, present and future contributions of black artists, the music industry needs to break down the long-standing barriers. #ChangeMusic is our first step. ”

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