‘Chappelle’s Present’ Makes a Return to Netflix Amid Renewed Contract With ViacomCBS

Now we can watch Chappelle’s show without guilt! According to Variety, the comedy series will be streamed again on Netflix after Dave Chappelle stated that his deal was renegotiated to compensate him, unlike his previous, original deal.

In November, Netflix had already taken the popular sketch comedy program Chappelle’s Show from the streaming service to meet the comedian’s personal request. The popular comedian had announced the contract negotiations with Comedy Central and his pressure to sign the contract at this point in his life.

“I signed the contract and signed the contract like a 28 year old broke father signs a contract. I was desperate, I needed a way out,” said Chappelle at one of his shows at the time.

Chappelle had claimed that Comedy Central, owned by ViacomCBS, was allowed to license the series without his consent and that the agreement also prevented him from receiving royalties.

“I asked you not to watch the show anymore and to thank God Almighty for you,” Chappelle told the audience in the following clip. “You made this show worthless because without your eyes it is nothing. And you stopped looking at it. They called me and I got my name back and I got my license back and I got my show back and they paid me millions of dollars. “

“This is a very important moment,” continued Chappelle. “I’d like to thank Ted Sarandos at Netflix, a CEO who has the courage to take my show off the platform [at] financial disadvantage for his company just because I asked him. And I want to thank Chris McCarthy at CBS Viacom. This guy is younger than me. And like most people younger than me, they have an interest in getting the past right and have done something that was very brave. And finally after all these years I can finally say that Comedy Central has been a pleasure doing business with you. “

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