Enhance Your Gross sales This Yr by Following Three Pointers

If you made New Year’s resolutions this year, how many have you broken? Resolutions are often made but then quickly forgotten. What if this year you made up your mind to focus on one important thing: improving your sales? Here are some helpful sales guidelines you can follow to get better sales results.

Sales Guideline 1: Focus on the Process, Not the Results

A resolution often focuses on the bottom line, but that is not an empowerment. Instead of focusing on results (sales numbers), focus on the sales process. You need to think like a quality engineer setting guidelines for improving processes.

In sales, you can create guidelines for the types of prospects you call: “I’ll only call prospects who match 80% of my ideal customer description.” That means, of course, that you need a prospect description first that clearly defines who who your ideal potential customers are. (Write one now if you don’t have one.)

Once you do that, set guidelines to use while searching. You could organize digital materials by customer type or create a list of questions to ask during a sales pitch. Develop guidelines that focus on the process rather than the end result.

Sales Guideline 2: Be Neutral When You Hear A Problem

For some of you, it becomes a “red alert” when a customer calls with a problem. Your heart starts beating faster and you take on the absolute worst. In contrast, some of you are always calm in the face of a challenge. For those traveling because of a heart attack, you need a guideline for dealing with the unexpected.

A good guideline for improving your sales is to always remain neutral at the beginning of a challenging meeting or phone call. Tell yourself it will not be a wonderful situation or a disaster. This guideline will serve you well and help you sell.

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If you have a neutral attitude, when a customer calls with a problem, you will be calm: “Please tell me more and I’ll take notes while you speak.” A calm response can calm someone who is in an emotional state and de-escalate a potentially problematic situation. Another benefit of having a neutral demeanor and the calmness of the conversation is that you don’t waste energy.

But what if the conversation escalates? At the very least, you started from a quiet place and need to go further before you get excited. This will also serve your health better.

Sales Guideline 3: Do Something You Enjoy Every Week

All too often, hardworking sales professionals tend to put their customers first. These sellers will put everyone else in front of them too. That needs to change. It is important that you enjoy your life regularly.

Imagine how you would feel if you followed a solid junk food diet every day. You wouldn’t feel so good If you don’t regularly feed your mind with some joy, you won’t feel as good either.

Start with something that makes you happy. Your guideline can be, “I will do what makes me happy at least once a week.” Schedule an activity if you think you won’t be doing it. It is important that you take care of yourself this year.

Increase your sales by setting sales guidelines

Forget about setting sell-offs this year. Instead, set sales guidelines that will actually drive you to make more sales.

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