Enterprise and World Leaders Transfer On as Trump Fights to Reverse Election

There are exceptions. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s recent visit to a Jewish settlement in the West Bank – strong American affirmation of an Israeli occupation in violation of international law and pre-Trump American policies. Mr. Netanyahu knows American acceptance of these settlements will soon change, but he is doing what he can to use the visit to cement the facts on the ground and make it difficult for Mr. Biden to openly reverse course.

Moving closer to home, the American company quickly came to the conclusion that it should adjust its focus.

On November 7th, the day most of the major news organizations launched the race, several major corporations and trading groups recognized Mr. Biden’s victory.

United Airlines chief executive Scott Kirby turned to the Biden campaign that evening, offering to work with the new government to fight the pandemic and boost the economy. “While there will always be differences in any country as large and diverse as the United States, I continue to believe that there is much more that unites us than divides us,” Kirby said in a letter to Mr. Biden and Vice President – Choose Kamala Harris.

In the days following the election, Goldman Sachs began preparing its clients for an expected Biden administration. A customer call on November 5th about Mr Biden’s likely victory drew thousands.

David M. Solomon, the company’s chief executive officer, has not spoken to the president-elect, a Goldman spokesperson said, but senior company officials including regulatory director Kathryn Ruemmler and communications director Jake Siewert both do Of those who have worked in the Obama administration, they have been in contact with members of Mr. Biden’s transition team.

Since then, Michael Gonda, a McDonald’s spokesperson, has issued a statement reiterating the company’s belief that Mr. Biden won the election, saying, “We have contacted the transition team to let them know we’d like to help a number from fronts, including responding to Covid by sharing our safety and hygiene logs. “

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