Entrepreneur and Actress B. Simone on Manifesting Her First Million and Partnering With Footaction

At the age of only 30, B. Simone has already mastered the art of marketing, manifestation and the Internet.

The Braelyn Simone-born actress, artist, and entrepreneur paved her way to Hollywood after moving to Atlanta, GA from her Dallas, TX hometown in her early 20s to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. While chasing her dreams, she worked at Aldo’s, in restaurants and as a hairdresser, and even slept on the floor of a friend’s house for six months. Meanwhile, she recorded her journey to fame on social media and built an organic following before taking her big hiatus on Wild N ‘Out, media mogul Nick Cannon’s longtime improvisational show. Simone’s ambitions didn’t stop there, however.

Since being cast on Wild N ‘Out, Simone has launched her own beauty brand, landed a reality series on Zeus, and opened up to comedy legend Martin Lawrence. Now the media personality is conquering the fashion world.

On November 17th, Simone dropped an exclusive capsule collection for women with Footaction and was the first person to develop her own clothing brand together with the mega retailer. The line includes T-shirts, leggings, hoodies, crop tops and joggers with their typical catchphrase “Baby Girl”. Other pieces contain the words “love yourself”. The collection ranges from $ 30 to $ 65 and comes in sizes XS-3XL.

“Footaction is 100% responsible for making women successful and supporting women, and I’m just so excited,” she said BLACK COMPANY. “I really just respect her and appreciate her for allowing me to be myself during this campaign.”

In addition, Simone signed a two-year agreement with Footaction, a Foot Locker, Inc. company, to introduce additional product collections, activations, and ongoing content. She says working with a brand she bought since high school feels surreal.

“I still can’t believe it,” she said. “I get nervous when I talk about it.”

The manifested queen

According to Simone, the secret behind living out her dreams is manifestation, a process that describes how to imagine your goals, write them down, and then commit to bringing them to life. At the beginning of this year, just a few weeks before her 30th birthday in April, she became the first millionaire in her family.

“I’ve always said that I want to be a millionaire by the age of 30. That was just a long term goal [that I set] years and years ago. But then I thought, “I’ll be 30 in a month! I’m not a millionaire yet! What should I do?”

Instead of moving the goal post, Simone put her hectic pace into full swing. The reality star documented her journey to generate $ 250,000 in savings to meet her goal and shared the journey with her five million Instagram followers in a three-part video series titled “Road To A Million.” Simone used her creative talents and marketing skills to generate additional income on top of her B. Simone Beauty sales. As a result, she sold some of her clothes, organized raffles, offered paid promotions for small businesses, sold her car back to the dealership, and returned to her roots as a licensed beautician.

“I thought we have 40 days. We can do it, ”she remembers of her team. “I’ve made every rush in the book. I did hair. I did meet and greets. I sold my car to my little Toyota. I sold ‘Manitizers’. I sold the book. I squeezed lip gloss. I’ve been in every hustle and bustle, and a week before my birthday we hit that million dollar mark. “

The media star says the experience has been positive.

“Your mind is the most powerful tool you have,” she said. “I knew it was possible. I knew we could do it. “

But that was only the first step.

“You can say I want this, I want this, I want this all day, but you have to work towards it. You know, faith without works is dead. So don’t just set yourself goals that don’t seem tangible, work towards them. “

Not only does Simone manifest her dreams, but she also demonstrates harsh marketing efforts to sell products like a hand sanitizer line that she calls “Maniziter” to her millions of followers.

“As entrepreneurs, we turn. We work around the problems and only find solutions, ”she says. “I came up with loads of things during the pandemic. I sold ‘Manitizer’, ”she said, describing the hand sanitizer she made, packaged, and should be at home.

Get your MANITIZER now! It’s a disinfectant spray that kills 99.9% of germs and keeps the damn boys away – and it smells like bomb

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– B. Simone (@TheBSimone) March 20, 2020

Perhaps more powerful than her mind, her greatest rush may lie in the strength of her heart. By being authentic, she maintains a connection with millions of people on social media who support her and feel invested in her journey.

“I am transparent, I am vulnerable. I show when I am making money, I show when I am not making money. I show when I’m up, I show when I’m down. I showed my million dollar trip and also showed when I slept on the floor for six months when I first moved to Atlanta. I show everything to my followers just to let them know I’m the girl next door. I am you. [There is] Nothing I do that you can’t do, ”she said.

“And I think Foot Action has a lot of the same message that I have – just the motivation to support these consumers, these fans and supporters.”

See the full interview with B. Simone The new norm with Selena Hill below.

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