Find out how to Safely Reopen Workplaces & Handle a Hybrid Workforce

Remote working has become the new norm after coronavirus closed offices around the world. How can you make jobs safer after a pandemic?

In the 15th episode of our Leadership Lessons series, Comparable CEO Jason Nazar speaks to an expert on the subject, Envoy Founder / CEO Larry Gadea, who made a million safe returns to the office possible. With a range of products redefining how visitors and employees are welcomed back to the office, the workplace platform includes tools for check-in registrations, booking rooms / desks, managing deliveries and capacity limits for social distancing. Envoy is used in more than 14,000 offices in 70 countries – including Slack, Pinterest, Warby Parker, Lionsgate and L’Oreal – and is supported by Andreessen Horowitz, Menlo Ventures, Initialized Capital and Silicon Valley bigwigs like Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Adam D’Angelo from Quora and Jeremy Stoppelman from Yelp. Gadea will also learn lessons from his life’s journey, from smuggling out of communist Romania as a child, to being recruited as one of Google’s youngest software engineers at the age of 17, to Twitter as one of the first 50 employees. The software prodigy will cover the following topics:

  • Reinventing your business to survive a badly hit market segment
  • What you need to safely welcome employees back to the office
  • The future of the physical workplace and preparing for a hybrid workforce
  • The key to leaving a comfortable job to start your own business
  • Pursuing a career in engineering and learning from working on Google and Twitter

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Through the speakers

Larry Gadea is the founder / CEO of Envoy, a workplace platform that makes living and working in the office more meaningful.

Jason Nazar is Co-Founder / CEO of Comparably, a premier work culture and compensation website that provides the most complete and accurate representation of work in organizations.

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