How the Fast Planning Methodology Makes You Extra Productive

August 15, 2021 6 minutes to read

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Have you ever heard of the Rapid Planning Method? This time management approach, often abbreviated as RPM, was developed by motivational speaker and business coach Tony Robbins. Robbins sees RPM as a thinking system rather than a time management technique, but it is a system that will still help you be more productive.

This article outlines some of the RPM principles to give you a better idea of ​​how you can do more with this new way of thinking. But first let’s break it open:

Breakdown of speed

While RPM stands for Rapid Planning Method, each of the letters can also be broken down into separate sections. This gives the initialism a new and deeper meaning and not just a name:


Start by thinking about what you want to achieve. Your daily plans should focus on the results that you want to see now and in the future. This can be something as simple as wanting to clean the house by the end of the day or a long-term goal of improving your personal bench press best by the end of the month.

This section of the Quick Planning Methodology contains the first two letters of the SMART objective; concrete and measurable. The plans you make will be much more effective when you can visualize the end result and measure your progress along the way.

Purpose oriented

Next, consider why you are doing what you are doing. For example, is your weightlifting goal because you want your health to be a priority or because you have Olympic ambitions? The purpose motivates your planning so that you are excited to get things done after they are written down.

Robbins suggests using trigger words here as a motivational tool. Words have a lot of power and can even be turned into mantras that you repeat on hard days for extra motivation. For example, your weight lifting trigger words could be stronger, permanent, and consistent. These are the words you want to memorize through the Rapid Planning Method.

Massive action plan

This is where you take your goal and take action to achieve the results you want. Don’t write just a point or two; write them all down. Then brainstorm as many ideas, tasks, and plans that come to mind to make your dreams come true.

Now that you’ve created your comprehensive plan of action, start organizing. Group similar items together to make your large list more compact and workable. Prioritize tasks based on how important they are or how quickly they need to be completed in order for the rest of the plan to run.

Increase productivity with RPM

Now you have a better idea of ​​what RPM is supposed to do. it’s time to put it into action. A trial run of RPM is a much better indicator of how effectively it’s working than just reading about it. Here is how it could help you:

Make busy work meaningful

Have you ever worked through a to-do list and still felt like you hadn’t done anything useful? Parents who stay home probably know the feeling. With so much dirt to clean, loads of laundry to do and dishes to be put away, the work never seems to end. It can be difficult to make sense of all this madness.

RPM can help you make your busy work more meaningful. Why do you do housework? Thinking about making your home a better place to raise your children is a better motivator than simply doing it because you are expected to do so.

With a bigger purpose, productivity gets easier. Instead of dragging your feet from the kitchen to the basement, you’ll find a little jump in your crotch, knowing that what you’re doing means so much more than a checklist.

Clarify your vision

Going through the monotonous 9-5 life can get boring really quickly. So many people lose sight of their goals and dreams because they focus on making ends meet or surviving through the next pay period. RPM helps you clarify your vision so that the things you do every day mean so much more.

Not only is RPM great for your daily planning, but it can also add a lot more to your regular schedule. For example, you may dream of opening your own bakery but are struggling to take the time to get it going. With RPM, you will be able to create a competent plan backed by a strong goal and the vision required to make it happen.

Perhaps you have already set a perfect time management technique in motion with your calendar. If so, try RPM on a side project you’ve been putting off for too long. Get an old New Year’s resolution or a lifelong dream and see how RPM can get you closer to your goals than ever before.

Work harder and smarter

You have probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder”. Why not both? One of the reasons Tony Robbins created RPM was to be an alternative to traditional to-do lists. Checklists are the epitome of working hard and getting things done in order, but Robbins knew there was so much more you can do than a checklist could limit you.

To-do lists can often be left hanging on the details. Of course, being detail-oriented isn’t a bad thing, but your progress might be slower. In RPM, the “What do I need to do?” Question will direct you to results-oriented actions driven by a purpose, rather than a list of elements that slow down the process.

An important aspect of RPM is the grouping of checklist items. Why not try to remove as many items as you can so you can get more done in a single day? This is how a lot of great entrepreneurs and superstars got to where they are today.

You can be a superstar just like anyone else. So grab your calendar and give RPM a try and write down how much more you can accomplish. Your time analysis helps you measure your progress.

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How the Fast Planning Method Makes You More Productive first appeared on the calendar.

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