How the Kombucha King Got here to Dominate an Trade Area of interest

Few people know what it takes to disrupt an important business category better than GT Dave. He is the founder of GTs Living Foods, a probiotic food company known for its dominant kombucha. With a 40 percent share of the global kombucha business, valued at $ 8 billion by 2027, his company rules its niche.

Dave spoke in a comprehensive interview with Marli Guzzetta, Editor-in-Chief of Inc., on Wednesday at a Real Talk stream event on topics ranging from getting down to earth to pursuing an entrepreneur’s vision. Here are some takeaways for business owners:

Stay in touch with your audience.

GT Dave has a habit of doing something that many successful founders and CEOs often skip: speaking directly to customers. He says there are times when he wishes he’d hire someone to take care of his social media, but face-to-face interactions with customers and fans kept him grounded.

“I don’t go to stores as often as I want. I don’t physically interact with consumers as much as I want,” says Dave. Social media and email help him maintain a dialogue and communication with customers and fans. And stay in touch with the rapidly changing consumer market and trends ahead.

Stay true to your vision.

At some point in the process of building your business, Dave says, you want to go down a path, and some people around you will be asking you to change your mind. These individuals can include investors, distributors, or employees. Once, says Dave, he was forced to let some people into his company who didn’t want to follow his vision. It was difficult but necessary to continue, he says.

“When people contradict you or get in each other’s way, difficult as it is, you have to say, ‘Thank you, but stand aside. I will continue down this path,'” says Dave.

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