In Photos: Hundreds rally on Worldwide Ladies’s Day | Gallery Information

International Women’s Day marches took place around the world on Monday, despite widespread restrictions on the containment of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands took to the streets in cities across Asia, the Middle East and Europe to call for gender equality, better working conditions and an end to violence against women. Marches were planned in cities across Latin America and North America.

The United Nations Human Rights Agency warned that the pandemic is robbing many refugees, displaced and stateless women and girls of their livelihoods and futures, and that growing poverty is putting many people’s lives at risk.

“The unprecedented socio-economic impact of the pandemic puts many people at risk. We are seeing an extremely worrying increase in reports of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, forced marriage, child labor and teenage pregnancies, “said Filippo Grandi, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

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