Indiana Barber Turns Tragedy to Triumph, Then Turns It Right into a Discuss Present

Raised in what was then America’s murderous capital, Gary, Indiana, the local barber who has become talk show host Jamie McGrone knows all too well what it means to turn tragedy into triumph. Although he grew up in a loving, large family, he understood that nothing would be given to him. He would have to deserve it.

McGrone decided to give up faith and create a platform for other business owners and common people to share their stories about how they survived life’s most darned moments.

“Living your most incredible life is a choice,” says McGrone.v.

We had the pleasure to sit down and speak to McGrone.

Please tell us about your new talk show.

I’m so excited about my talk show. That’s why I’m here. I created this platform because I wanted to give people the opportunity to tell their story about how they turned tragedy into triumph. It was for those who may never have had the opportunity to speak boldly and loudly about the traumatic events in life and speak of their brokenness among people who were also there to support. I saw the need to restore broken men and women through life, love, and relationships, and I wanted every guest and audience to reach for most of life.

What would you like to keep people from being / seeing your show?

I want my guests and my audience should be motivated and inspired to do something bigger with their lives. I want to touch people’s hearts because at the end of the day it’s about living your best life. And you can define what that is.

What’s next for Jamie McGrone for the rest of 2020?

Well, I’m ending the year with a red carpet premiere for the media world and giving them the opportunity to see what I’ve created and why television needs this platform. It’s titled “The November Oscars” and I’m looking forward to a great time. I will also shoot more episodes for the 2021 season.

What can people expect from you in 2021?

I expect my talk show to be well on its way to being introduced to the media world in 2021 and that it will be at every turn to change the face of television one by one. I expect to help my guests achieve their greatest part of their lives and lead a beautiful life.

Dr. Jessica Mosley is a serial entrepreneur who loves teaching other CEO women how to show themselves in their truth and power. As the steward owner of the MizCEO Entrepreneurial Media brand, Sovereign Care Home Care, Sovereign Care Medical Training Center, and Deborah’s Place for Battered Women, Jessica is busy taking action that will affect her community and those around her .

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