Is Your Vaccine Card Selfie a Present for Scammers? Perhaps.

So you finally got a Covid-19 vaccine. It’s easy to take a photo of your vaccination card with your name and date of birth and the vaccine you had and post it on social media.

However, some experts warn that the information in the celebration photo could leave you at risk of identity theft or fraud.

“Unfortunately, your card has your full name and birthday and information about where you got your vaccine from,” the Better Business Bureau said last week. “If your social media privacy settings are not set high, you may be sharing valuable information that anyone can use.”

On Friday, the Federal Trade Commission followed suit: “You post a photo of your vaccination card on social media. Please – don’t do that! “it bluntly warned.” You could invite identity theft. “

Fraudsters can sometimes find out most of the digits of your Social Security number by knowing your date and place of birth. You can open new accounts on your behalf, claim your tax refund for yourself, and get involved in other identity thefts, said Maneesha Mithal, assistant director of the Federal Trade Commission’s privacy and identity protection division.

“Identity theft is like a puzzle made up of personal information,” said Ms. Mithal. “You don’t want to give identity thieves the parts they need to complete the picture. One of these pieces is your date of birth. “

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