Job Looking? Make Certain Your Resume Has These Important Parts

Resumes are the first impression entrepreneurs have of potential hires. As a result, employers need to use them to find out if it is worth inviting a person for an interview. Every employer has their own requirements for potential employees and looks for certain elements in applicants’ résumés to determine the possible fit.

How can job seekers tweak their resumes to ensure they contain the essential elements employers are looking for? To help, we asked 13 successful entrepreneurs from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) the following question:

What does a résumé have to have so that you can invite someone for an interview? Why?

1. A resume that is tailored to the business

We are looking for résumés that are tailored to our business. We want people who want to work with us so badly that they adapt their résumé to our needs. It’s obvious when someone is cutting and pasting a resume – and that’s fine, I understand – but when someone takes the time to tweak theirs for us, it shows that they are already invested. – Zach Binder, Bell + Ivy

2. A summary statement

I am always happy to receive a comprehensive statement. For me it is the most important part of a resume. Resumes need a summary section where candidates try to link their skills and motivations to the job. Once the candidate has reviewed the job description and has the skills for the position, it is easy for them to come up with a good summary statement. If I like the summary, I will read the rest of the resume. – Piyush Jain, SIMpalm

3. Extracurricular activities

For junior roles, extracurricular activities make the difference: GitHub projects for developers; Running a blog or small e-commerce website for marketers testing in the wild; Dribbble or Behance portfolio for designers. Having attended additional courses or boot camps is certainly a plus, but hands-on projects really tell a lot about a candidate and their motivation. – Mario Peshev, DevriX

4. Only the essentials

I find that resumes that are short or compact, and only focus on the most important details, say a lot about how professional and accomplished a job seeker is. A resume that is several pages long and filled with large paragraphs is immediately repulsive. It is a mark of thoughtfulness when a resume highlights key details. You can always add a link or QR code to see more details. -Syed Balkhi, WP beginner

5. Well-known brands or universities

A good résumé must have an address. Joking aside, the qualifications must match and be perfectly formatted. There really isn’t a thing. Correct spelling, correct grammar, punctuation, etc. – all of these things are very important. But especially when there are big brands or training in the Ivy League, this is usually a quicker run through for an interview. – Nicole Munoz, Nicole Munoz Consulting, Inc.

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6. References

I always look for references on a resume. We expressly ask potential employees to include this information in their application and CV. I’ve always felt that someone unwilling to introduce you to people who can vouch for them has no transparency and is probably not a good fit for our business. – Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

7. Clean, precise writing

A résumé must be neatly and precisely written and have the correct grammar and spelling. The applicant not only needs to be able to tell me what he has done in his previous positions, but also how he has made a significant contribution. I want team players who can plan ahead and achieve their goals. To a lesser extent, all contact information must be correct. – Duran Inci, Optimum 7

8. Pictures or videos

A balanced portfolio that uses pictures in addition to schedules and skills is very useful. Reading resume after resume can get boring, even if they are tailored to the job you are offering. Images or a video help present candidate information in different ways for different audiences. – Matthew Capala, alphabetically

9. Surprising skills and hobbies

I always look for skills and hobbies that can surprise me. Learning a foreign language is always good and there are apps that make the process easier. Did you know that reading sheet music counts as language? A musician can put that under the skills he’s learned and impress someone who reads his resume. – Riccardo Conte, Virtus Flow

10. Evidence of leadership skills

Good leadership skills are essential. Chances are, everyone you hire will grow within the company. So, you need someone who can manage multiple people at the same time and guide your team on the right path to run a successful business. – Patrick Barnhill, Specialist ID, Inc.

11. Impressive achievements

If a person has made impressive achievements on their resume, this is a good reason to include them. This means she has a unique experience that can bring a new perspective to the table and solve problems differently. It’s always great to have different qualifications that make a candidate stand out and be selected for an interview. – Jared Atchison, WPForms

Other important things to include in your application

A personal note

I always look for a personal note along with the resume highlighting why a candidate would want to work for me or my company and why it would be a good fit for them. It shows that they are interested in the position and this is extremely important to me as it is an indicator that they will strive to be successful in the position. – Diana Goodwin, MarketBox

A personalized cover letter

I prefer candidates who write a cover letter that is specifically tailored to our company and the job itself. If someone sends me a standard résumé with a general cover letter, it shows laziness and little initiative. A detailed cover letter, which itself contains basic knowledge about the company and the job, goes a long way towards ensuring that this person receives an interview. – Justin Lefkovitch, Mirrored Media

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