Macy’s Faces Backlash After Calling Zeta Phi Beta Sorority a ‘Numerous Dance Group’ throughout Thanksgiving Day Parade

When you’re out of tune with your team, things can go wrong. Macy’s department store found out this week when the famous store’s Twitter account posted a Twitter post describing a Black Greek group at their annual Thanksgiving Parade as a “diverse dance group” by the deadline.

On Thursday, during Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the ladies at Zeta Phi Beta had performed a step routine, and after their performance, Macy’s Twitter account had a video clip entitled, “What’s that sound, you ask? Why is it the diverse dance group Zeta Phi Beta Steppers? They put together a special routine to celebrate this unprecedented #MacysParade year. “

Black Twitter immediately punished the department store giant and following the backlash, Macy’s deleted the tweet and issued the following.

See who just whipped things up. 👏 We loved having @ZPHIBHQ – an international, historically black sisterhood – with us for their 100th birthday at the #MacysParade.

– Macy’s (@Macys) November 26, 2020

Still, they received criticism from Twitter users who had some suggestions of their own.

Naw. Give them a FULL PUBLIC apology, donate millions to HBCUs and Black Greek Letter organizations, start a new top-level position with a team at Macy’s that is committed to ensuring that information is correct, respected, researched and the people are represented.

– Ohun Ashe @ (@Ohun_Ashe) November 26, 2020

Thank you for removing the previous tweet and recognizing the amazing women at @ZPHIBHQ for who they are. This was a culturally relevant moment that they shared and that deserved to be correctly identified. #DivineNine

– The gourmet goober. (@JJOutlaw) November 27, 2020

I’m really going to need all of you to hire more black talent on your social team. #RepresentationMatters

– Lona Vincent (@Lona_Vincent) November 26, 2020

An ounce of research goes a long way. The name “Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.” as a “diverse dance group” corresponds to the designation “Leauge of Women Voters” as “girls doing voter registration trips”. This corrected tweet is a start, but Macy’s better to start with.

– KJ (@PrissyKFJ) November 27, 2020

I am so glad that you eliminated this fiasco! Hopefully this is a great diversity lesson for the company. My sorors did a great job !! Always proud!

– Adia __m_James (@ AdiamJames1) November 28, 2020

Okay, now apologize for your disrespect

– Liyah (@itsnotliyah) November 26, 2020

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