New 12 months’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs on the Finish of a Powerful 12 months

When you’re ready for a really simple task, I want you to commit to doing better than 2020 in 2021.

Just peasy, right?

This year pissed us all off, and there’s still no way of knowing how long we’ll face economic pressures, home orders, and erratic sales patterns. However, I am confident that we can make New Years resolutions to ensure that nothing will surprise us in 2021 – other than aliens taking over the planet (at this point nothing is out of the realm of possibility).

Allow me to make a few resolutions that we as entrepreneurs can share.

New Year’s Resolution # 1. We’ll be flexible and adaptable

I don’t know of a single company that hasn’t made an effort to change how it works in 2020. Whether that meant a restaurant recovering from its on-site dining income or a huge company struggling to operate effectively remotely, we all had some bumps in the road.

The valuable lesson from this, however, is that we can never solidify how we do business. Whether it’s a pandemic or just a crowded market, small businesses need to be nimble and ready to change strategy, technology or products with the snap of a finger.

So I hope 2021 will get better and we will have fewer unpleasant surprises, but let’s follow the old Boy Scout motto and “be prepared”.

New Years Resolution # 2. We’ll be supportive of each other

It’s one thing to be a small business owner and bring out the importance of helping small local businesses. It is a different matter to fully practice what you are preaching. I know I’ve put a lot of thought into all of the tiny restaurants, boutiques, and business services in my community that have had a bad year, and I’ve struggled more hard to move away from the bigger retailers I know.

I just bought a delicious latte and fresh donut in marshmallow cream (with the excuses it’s for my teenage son – um) at a small coffee shop instead of walking down the block to the more convenient Starbucks. It’s not much, but if we make a New Year’s resolution so everyone starts visiting these small businesses, they may make it through.

New Years Resolution # 3. We will strengthen ourselves

I have written a lot about finance in my job and it is shocking how many business owners are not aware of all of the financing options available. It’s not just big banks that are offering loans now. There are many alternative lenders out there who are giving small businesses the money they need without the paperwork and strict requirements.

But as a busy business owner, I get it. You don’t have time to look for loan options. Be aware, however, that you have the power to find the financing solution that fits your needs. An extra hour of research could help you save a few percentage points on your interest and this can translate into huge savings in the long run.

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New Years Resolution # 4. We’ll remember to relax

This year has been incredibly stressful. In addition to most of us having to put away a lot more hours than before just to stay afloat, there is nowhere to go when we are on vacation. But next year, my friend, I want you to make a concerted effort to take your time to decompress. It may seem frivolous, but taking off can actually make you a better business owner as it gives your brain a chance to recharge and you come back with great ideas.

Whether you’re taking off half a day and getting a well-deserved massage or taking a week’s vacation (or stay), make a New Years resolution now to take your time in 2021.

New Years Resolution # 5. We’re going to rethink office space

So that sleek, startup-style office space with the killer views that you leased to? Yes. In 2020, dust has accumulated. And you’ve learned that despite thinking that your employees absolutely have to work in an office, you’ve actually all worked a lot from home in pjs.

So it is time to consider whether office space is still a worthwhile and relevant investment for your company. Perhaps that money could be put elsewhere to have a better impact on the bottom line?

New Years resolution # 6. We’re getting creative with our marketing

I saw some really innovative marketing strategies when we were knee deep in the pandemic. Businesses got more personal on Instagram. They have partnered with other companies to bring more services to a wider audience. She got out of her comfort zones (because where else would she go?) And had some surprising results.

So let’s keep doing it. Shake up what you did because it probably stopped working. Invest time and money in channels you’ve never thought of before. Talk to people who you consider to be competitors. They could actually be a great source of new business recommendations to you. Be open to how you attract customers and how you nurture those relationships.

To a better year!

I think we set the bar low by saying we will do better in 2021 than this year. We have struggled for so long that we now value every customer and sale in a way we have never done in the past, and that is already preparing us for success.

New year's resolutions for entrepreneurs

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