Palace Silent as Meghan and Harry’s Interview Dominates U.Ok. Information

“I think it’s so brave and brave to hear someone talk about their suicidal thoughts and feelings,” Jonny Benjamin, a mental health attorney, told the BBC. He added that if Meghan had revealed any other health condition like cancer or dementia, it would not have been in doubt.

Opposition lawmakers, backed by racial equality activists, have labeled the allegations of racism and prejudice as oppressive and said the allegations should be investigated.

“Post-Pandemic, Post-Black Lives Matter, this is the time to challenge old systems, old structures,” said Ateh Jewel, journalist and advocate for diversity, on the ITV morning newscast, Good Morning Britain. “I believe Meghan when she says – and Prince Harry – when they talk about institutional racism because I’ve seen it.”

Meghan and Harry also attracted their share of critics, with many criticizing the interview as a selfish attack on the royal family that could weaken the monarchy. “Harry is blowing up his family,” Zac Goldsmith, a Conservative official, wrote on Twitter. “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets.”

Others questioned the timeliness of the interview, which has dominated the discussion on both sides of the Atlantic since it aired in the US on Sunday evening

British tabloids defenders, who had a long-standing feud with the couple and which Harry has flatly labeled as racist, also spoke out against what they saw as an attack.

“The British media are not bigoted and are not deterred from their vital role in holding the rich and powerful to account,” Ian Murray, executive director of the Society of Editors, wrote in a statement. He added that it was “indeed strange” that the couple had dealt with the UK press for tampering with their personal lives but opened up to the American media.

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