Proud Boys Jeopardize Manufacturing Of Colin Kaepernick’s Netflix Sequence ‘Colin in Black & White’

Producers stopped producing an upcoming Netflix series after sources announced that The Proud Boys were planning a protest on location.

TMZ reported Colin Kaepernick’s project, Colin in black & white, was forced to add increased security because the bigoted organization had prepared a protest against the black life issue. The demonstration was scheduled for last Friday.

Although the cast and crew members were concerned about the potential threat, the Proud Boys never protested. According to TMZ, two production assistants said they received a suspicious phone call at the production office last week.

Netflix announced the limited series in June last year. Kaepernick and Ava Duvernay created Colin in black & white. The aim of the program is to provide a glimpse into the former soccer star’s developmental years and to focus on his time in high school. The show offers a glimpse into the experiences that shaped Kaepernick’s perspectives on race and activism.

He would grow up to play in the Super Bowl realizing that you never stop fighting for your dreams.

She would grow up to tell stories that are important to millions.

From @ Kaepernick7 & @ava, the dramatic screenplay series Colin In Black & White follows Colin Kaepernick’s HS years.

– Netflix (@netflix) June 29, 2020

Kaepernick expressed how he felt about the series on his own Instagram.

“It was a pleasure to work with me @ava, @ Michaelstarrburyand the entire writing team for this project for over a year. I look forward to sharing these moments in my life with all of you, ”he wrote.

A release date for “Colin in Black and White” has not yet been announced. Ava Duvernay will direct the series, Kaepernick will narrate and Jaden Michael will play the role of the former San Francisco 49er.

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