Stacey Abrams Mulling Second Run At Georgia Governor

After working diligently to turn Georgia into a democratic stronghold and help the country sack President Trump, many close to Stacey Abrams say she is considering a second run against the governor.

Abrams lost the year 2018 Gubernatorial election of Brian Kemp, who has been accused of widespread voter suppression. While Abrams has not announced a decision one way or another, many who are close to her believe that it is only a matter of time and The She will easily be the front runner to take on Kemp again.

“Stacey Abrams intends to run for governor again,” Wendy Davis, a member of the Democratic National Committee and the Georgia Democratic Party, told Yahoo! “Everyone in democratic circles has the expectation that in two years time she will be the Democratic candidate for governor.”

Former Georgia Democratic Party leader and Abrams ally DuBose Porter also believes Abrams wants to be governor of Peach State. For now, however, Abrams is focused on the upcoming races in the Georgia Senate. The January 5 runoff will determine whether the Democrats will control the Senate, something she is currently concerned about, according to an Abrams spokesman.

“Leader Abrams has made no decisions about their political future and is focused solely on the election of Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock on January 5th,” Abrams spokesman told Fox News.

The attorney and voting rights attorney has received considerable recognition for Biden’s presidential election victory. Their organization’s Fair Fight and the New Georgia Project were of paramount importance in enabling the registration of Black Georgians.

Georgia’s population has increased by 18% over the past 10 years, according to the New Georgia Project, and most of that increase has been young people of skin color and unmarried women ages 19-29.

“One of the ways we turned Georgia around was because I’ve been working on it for ten years,” Abrams told The View. “I know the work we did in this country through Fair Fight 2020 made sure we had enough states turned back to make sure Joe Biden became president, and now I’m focusing on to get the last bit over the target and that is the US Senate race on January 5th in Georgia. “

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