Televangelist Frederick Ok.C. Worth Dies From Covid

Frederick KC Price, who founded a mega-church and a televangelism show that made him a popular voice for black Christians, died Friday night of the aftermath of Covid-19, a family spokeswoman said. He was 89 years old.

Mr. Price died at the Torrance Memorial Medical Center near Los Angeles, said Holly Baird, the spokeswoman.

“He fought the good battle of faith and seized eternal life,” said a family statement published by his son Frederick K. Price Jr. on Facebook.

In an Instagram post earlier this week, the Church announced that the elderly Mr. Price had been hospitalized with Covid-19 and asked members to “pray for the full recovery of Mr. Price’s lungs, heart and kidneys “Because he is facing the health challenges posed by Covid-19. “

According to the Church website, in 1973, Mr. Price founded the Crenshaw Christian Center in Inglewood, California. The number of members has grown from 300 to over 28,000.

In addition to services at the FaithDome, a 10,000-seat building, Mr. Price began televising his on-site services through Ever Increasing Ministries of Faith, the Church’s missionary arm, in 1978 after “receiving instructions from God” on the Church’s website . Mr. Price had started broadcasting his services on the radio years ago and expanded the television broadcasts “to reach Black America.”

After the show found an audience in New York – the second largest market after Los Angeles – Mr. Price fulfilled “a vision he had for many years to start a church in Manhattan,” according to the Church’s website. In May 2001 he led the first service at the Crenshaw Christian Center New York.

Mr. Price resigned as a Church pastor in 2009, handing the reins to the younger Mr. Price.

He is survived by his wife Betty and their four children, ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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