Tessica Brown’s Household Sport Cute Crop Cuts To Present Help After Gorilla Glue Debacle

The family bond of Tessica Brown, known on the Internet, is stronger than any glue. The woman’s immediate relatives have gathered around the woman to offer support after her infamous hair debacle with Gorilla Glue.

According to People Magazine, Brown’s sisters and mother did a big slap on her curls to show solidarity with her siblings and daughter.

Tessica’s sisters Juanita Brown, Erica Brown, Jamie Sino, and Rose Hayes, along with mom Jessica Brown, took an extremely cute photo of their new crop crops and posted it on social media, the publication reported. In the picture, the women were all smiling from their home in Violet, Louisiana.

Brown’s had her infamous plastered ponytail removed earlier this month by Michael Obeng, a black plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, like Black Enterprise previously reported. It now also has a tight cut.

Photo courtesy of Mega Agency / L to R: Juanita Brown, Erica Brown, Jamie Sino, Rose Hayes, and Jessica Brown |

Since the incident, the 40-year-old mother of five has amassed over half a million followers on social media and secured an agent.

After the appearance of the gorilla glue, Brown pondered the pros and cons of her newfound fame.

According to Vox, the woman Has decreased from stress despite trying to maintain a positive attitude. Brown also hates being called “the gorilla girl”.

She spoke about the impact the situation was having on her children, the publication reported. The youngsters are also teased at school.

“Power is something I will never pursue, I promise you,” she said. “[The dance team] was in a commercial. They were in the paper. You were in a magazine. That’s enough clout for me. I don’t need any of that because it was just too much. And really, who would want to go through the pain I went through because of its clout? Brown asked in her interview with Vox.

Brown’s current goal is to help others.

“I’m going to use my platform to let everyone know that you are not your hair because I’m not my hair at this point,” she said. “If you are a beautiful person inside, you will be the same beautiful person outside.”

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