The 5 Causes Fears Paralyze You (and How To Overcome Them)

Are you avoiding or missing out on opportunities? Do you feel guilty about the successful outcome in any aspect of your life? Are you putting aside projects that are important to you?

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March 5, 2019 4 min read

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Perhaps one of the great human contradictions is the fear of success. Most people long for this conquest in various aspects of their life and yet are paralyzed by the possibility. It is an unconscious mechanism by which the person apparently wants, declares, and determines that they want to be successful; and inside it withdraws and does not act on it.

When you avoid or miss opportunities; You feel guilty for the successful outcome in every aspect of your life. You set aside projects that are important to you because you think you would make others feel envious. Or do you think that if you succeeded, you would stop being humble? It is very likely that what you are really suffering from is the fear of success.

The 5 most common reasons and how to solve them

1. Fear of failure. Consecrated as the root of fear, failure is one of the greatest limiting projections. People always think negatively, and in general, the person neglects to consider any worthwhile aspects that could be achieved through achieving the desired success.

Tools: Evaluate what is the worst that can happen. Plan actions into small goals and put them into action. Keep your vision on your ultimate goal and be flexible to correct course and start over as often as needed.

2. Fear of not feeling worthy of success. Many people grew up in oppressive environments, and this determines that their thinking and positive emotions are limited by those paradigms which, although in the past, have an impact on the present.

Tools: Do permanent work of self-esteem and recognition. You need to associate your success goal with a sense of worthiness – you will achieve it by practicing every day. Your 100% commitment to yourself will be crucial, regardless of what has influenced you in the past. Use your inner strength as a guide.

3. Afraid of what they will say. While it seems unusual, most people live in search of approval, mainly because it seems to them that it is a guarantee that they will feel accepted and loved. Hence the fear of the opinions of others. Successful people know that there will be many people who will support them and others who will envy them and do their best to put the bats in the wheel.

Tools: Eliminate prejudices that do not belong to you but to others. Relate what they are telling you, depending on who is coming. Work in-house on developing techniques so that you don’t care about the malicious opinions of others. You can set internal boundaries to know how much you accept their opinion on your path to success. And in fact, there will be plenty of heartfelt affections to help you out when things get tough.

4. Fear of not being able to deal with success. Society reproduces innumerable personal improvement stories in which ordinary people have achieved remarkable achievements. Many of them lost it and others didn’t know how to channel it because “success came on their mind,” they say. This fear of contagion is common among those who do not accept their terms or accept that they can achieve them and put them before their wants and goals.

Tools: Fear is inherent in people and can be a great force forward instead of stopping you. Rest assured that you will find a way to deal well with the success you deserve. You can surround yourself with a team to guide you to achieve your goals while focusing on leaving your legacy in the world. This way you will find the inner balance you need and have confidence in the process of life.

5. Fear of feeling alone and different from the people in your usual circle. Another aspect associated with successful people is that loneliness overwhelms them and withdraws from their affections.

Tools: With or without success, you will find yourself feeling lonely at times, and the fact that you have it doesn’t mean you should be any different than you were. You can use your “before” traits of success to strengthen them as you live them, and you can surround yourself with people you truly love and joyfully accept your development. Of course there will be many who want to take advantage of this and others who move away: it is natural and part of the law of life. The key is to fully accept, understand, and avoid judging yourself for what others are doing as it is something that you have no control over.

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