This Restaurant Proprietor Went Viral for His Response to An Influencer Who Needed to Eat for Free

December 7, 2020 4 min read

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Some “hospitality influencers” suggested that a restaurant invite them to eat their best dishes for free in order to promote them on their social networks with “more than 22,000 followers”. The resident’s vigorous reaction went viral and earned him a lot of applause from internet users.

Topik restaurant in the heart of Barcelona, ​​Spain shared the message with the influencer’s suggestion on Twitter. Although the locals tried not to reveal their identities, the bloggers introduced themselves as Mikel and Roberta, who run the @foodgordidos profile on Instagram.

The couple said their profile is “a great opportunity to attract a new clientele” and “promote your website around the world”. They suggested topic to “write a post with different photos and different stories (on Instagram) and an article on our blog”.

“In return, he invites us to eat your best dishes. We will therefore take attractive photos and videos in order to attract customers who do not yet know your place or who have forgotten your existence, ”wrote Mikel and Roberta.

The offer didn’t convince the restaurant, which was hit hard by closings during the coronavirus pandemic. In a tweet, the managers of the premises showed the influencer’s “lack of empathy”.

“Did you notice that there is a current pandemic and that the capacity of restaurants in Barcelona is limited to 30% and the deadlines?” Topik answered.

“We have lost 50,000 euros since March,” a little more than 1,200,000 Mexican pesos. “Do you think I still want to invite someone?” He added.

“I have my employees in the ERTE file (Temporary Employment Regulation File) with no fees, please a little, right? Things are done out of selflessness without expecting anything in return. May your life go well “, the contribution ends.

The restaurant shared the story with its Twitter followers, commenting, “What would you need to get to work right away … [sic] . My grandmother said it was lazy. “

A little please, no? We are losing money every day, with a capacity of 30% and without being able to work well at night, and you ask me to invite you to eat my best dishes.
What would you have to work immediately …
My grandmother said it was lazy.

– Themed restaurant (@topikrestaurant) November 27, 2020

The reactions

The rejection of the influencers’ “advertising” was more profitable for the restaurant. His tweet garnered over 6,000 likes, 2,000 retweets and 671 comments, the majority of support.

“It’s scary, but it happens because there are people who accept it. They want to go home, enjoy, put together a long menu, pay the bill and leave a good tip for the team that makes it to the movies and overboard That’s the hospitality industry that needs to be defended, ”replied one user.

“Well done! The same restaurant with this answer did the same advertisement,” said another tweeter.

“I don’t know if I’d be interested in being promoted by bloggers who don’t even know how to write a simple email without making mistakes. It says a lot about how little they scrutinize their work, ”noted one Internet user.

“I have a lot fewer followers. But I really want to come, eat the best dishes with friends, take photos, enjoy you and pay for your excellent work, ”said one more.

That’s how they speak … little Jetas, influencer of what? Come on why does a kid say am I going or stop going to a place? Not that they were Tripadvisor and not even that. That they find a job and learn what it costs to make a living at the expense of their own work and not at the expense of others

– Isbel (@soto_isbel) November 29, 2020

Of course, there were also those who defended the influencers, arguing that “it’s a commercial exchange” or that “it’s the new advertisement”.

And yes, forgive me, but people who make a living doing advertising services are a job.

If you don’t want to see it in the 21st century, you have a problem.

And I’m not coming in to judge if these are particularly tough faces or if what I would do would be the host.

– ValenCHEnista #LimGoHome (@ValenCHEnista) November 28, 2020

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