3 Simple Ways To Freshen Up Your Basement

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities. You need to keep your house in pristine shape to keep it attractive, comfy and free from damage. From lawns to roofs, you need to keep everything in the best condition. 

One of the areas that requires special attention and may pose a lot of problems if not maintained properly is the basement. The basement may seem like a convenient place to dump all the old stuff but if maintained properly, it can act as an auxiliary space. Moreover, keeping the basement in a tip-top shape can save you a ton of money on unforeseen damage repairs. 

Here are 3 great yet simple ways to keep your basement fresh and spotless.

1) Keep Your Basement Clean

Let’s start with the simplest of methods to keep your basement in mint condition. Just keep it clean. Cleaning your basement includes simple chores like taking inventory out of the basement to more dreary work like cleaning your gutters. 

Simple clean up may involve the following steps: 

  • Take out the Trash
  • Dust all surfaces
  • Take out the inventory
  • Wash down the walls or even repaint them
  • Clear out the cobwebs

Along with these rather straightforward tasks, you also need to keep your gutters clean because clogged gutters close to the basement may allow water to seep into your basement. This may result in mold, rot and more serious water damage like cracked foundations. If you have water damage los angeles we are able to help you resolve that problem.

2) Keep your Basement Dry 

Arguably, the most important aspect of basement maintenance is keeping it dry. When a basement is allowed to flood or grow mold, that valuable space is wasted. 

Basements are often prone to too much humidity and moisture. Flooding and leaked pipes can also allow water to creep into your basement compromising the foundations of your house. 

There are a number of precautions you can take to protect your basement from water damage. 

  • Use a dehumidifier to prevent humid air from entering your basement and causing mold. 
  • Use a sump pump to drain excessive water out of the basement. 
  • Use an extra sealant coating to fill every pore that is susceptible to leakage
  • Check all the pipes and look for any signs of vulnerability. 
  • Make sure that Water Flows away from the structure of your house. 
  • Keep the gutters clean so that water does not find a route into your basement.

3) Light up your Basement

This may sound trivial but aesthetics do matter when trying to freshen up a place. Basements are generally kept dark or poorly lit with cheap bulbs. Basements often seem like a scene out of a horror movie because of the poor lighting. 

You can add layers of ambient and accent,

 lighting just as you do in the rest of your living spaces. Use of recessed lighting, also called pot lights, in your ceiling can also brighten up a dull basement. 

Painting the basement walls can also turn them into a more presentable and liveable space in your home. 

Why does your basement need more attention? 

Basements are often used as storage avenues and homeowners are tempted to keep them that way and avoid any extra spendings on freshening them up. However, in a limited budget, a basement can be turned into a useful living space. It can be used as a home theatre, a gym or a general living area. Not just that, giving your basement the extra attention can also save you thousands of dollars on repairs that might be needed in case of unforeseen water damage. 

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