three Methods My Son’s Coronary heart Surgical procedure Helped Me Develop My Enterprise

September 30, 2020 6 min read

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In 2017, I took my son in for a routine checkup that I thought would be a routine checkup, but it turned out to be the most devastating day of my life. When my son Wyatt was 2 months old, we discovered that he was born with a heart defect. The doctors told us to go to the hospital immediately for surveillance until he could be scheduled for heart surgery.

We were in and out of the hospital for weeks monitoring, performing procedures, and relieving complications. My husband slept on the tile floor while I was glued to my son for days without seeing any sunshine or feeling any fresh air.

Those days and weeks were a blur, but when we got home and got back into our normal routines, I had plenty of time to think. One day, while I was lying out on the grass, it hit me: it was time to stop playing small in my life and in my business. I was no longer available to work 60 hour weeks with little sleep and wages. I was no longer available to concern myself with what others thought of me. And I was definitely no longer available to waste time doing things that didn’t give me absolute pleasure. A few months after this realization, my business growth exploded and I was making $ 40,000 a year to several six-figure amounts that worked far less than ever before.

Here are the top three reasons why this harrowing experience with my son led to this growth.

I’ve made my goals even bigger

My son’s cardiac procedure helped me understand that life is a gift – and that I have completely underestimated my own life. I realized that the subtle feelings I had that I was meant for more were there – because I was actually meant for more. I quickly stopped ignoring these signs and took risks with really big goals.

I started getting bigger, more inspiring clients. I’ve revised my business processes and offerings so that I can top up three times as much as before. Instead of making plans to help me get to six digits, I started making plans to help me get to seven digits.

It’s important to continuously evaluate your goals and ask yourself, “How can I be better and do better?” If you ask yourself this and take action, it will be very difficult ever to plateau.

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I became aware of my fears

While easier said than done, it is important to realize that most of our fears are trivial compared to losing a loved one. A healthy mindset and perspective are critical to making business decisions.

I always wanted to be in the spotlight of my accomplishments and my business, but there was always the underlying fear of other people’s judgment. Ever since I was a little girl I have had to be loved by everyone. It took a lot of introspection to realize that I was afraid of a judgment that would make me invisible to the people who really needed what I had to offer.

The best thing you can ever do in your life and business is rule your shadows and fears. Do you hesitate to fear failure? Is the fear of rejection preventing you from gaining a head start? Does fear of judgment keep you from showing up more effectively? By just becoming aware of these deeply ingrained, hidden fears, you are allowing yourself to get past them in order to become more successful.

Whenever I had the nerve to tell or write my truth in an article, I could tell myself that it was just the fear of judgment and that getting past that fear would make me successful.

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I developed unshakable boundaries

I knew it was time to set strict boundaries in order to live my best life. I finished working with people who were rude, worked more than 60 hours a week, and put work before me and my family. The decision to protect my energy and time was the best I could ever have done for my company.

I only started working with companies and people who inspired me with their passion and friendliness. Instead of working overtime, I hired my team and expanded them to achieve more without working more. I have made my physical and mental health a priority so that I can show myself fully and with more energy and focus in my business and personal life.

They are the foundation on which your company is built. It is up to you, and only you, to ensure that the foundation is solid and will stay solid. While a shaky business is more likely to break down, a solid business will stand the test of time and ensure rapid and efficient growth.

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You don’t almost have to lose someone you love to reset your business growth thoughts

Wyatt is now almost 4 years old and is fine. His favorite things are swimming, being silly, and of course wreaking havoc, as most children do. Although I never wanted to experience his heart surgery, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. What I have learned from it and how much I deeply value life and everything connected with it is priceless.

You certainly don’t have to go through what I did to change your perspective. If you want to grow, you know that you will only grow as much as your mind allows. So keep your vision massive. As your business grows, your fears will grow – so make sure you are ready to face anything that gets in your way.

Remember – life is a gift. Enjoy the trip and appreciate all the lessons. It will be a lot harder to grow in shaky, uninspired soil. So keep your foundation strong and make sure you have fun along the way.

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