Unconventional Methods to Supply Various Expertise

Bring in top talent and contribute to the overall growth and diversity of your company.

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March 12, 2021 4 min read

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If you’re an organizational leader looking to diversify your talent pool for 2021 while alleviating your recruiter’s weaknesses, there are some unconventional sourcing techniques you should use as you build your talent pipeline.

Gone are the days when just looking for a cultural fit. The techniques below will help you attract more top talent who can help grow your business as a whole.

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Use niche job boards

While job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed are the standard, there are additional options for finding more specific talent. When you’re only finding a few great candidates, consider smaller, niche-based job boards.

AngelList, for example, is a job exchange that specializes in tech jobs for startups. Adobe Behance offers a candidate pool with digital portfolios in the UX / UI area. There are also job boards that focus on people of color, remote workers, and technical roles.

Look into your talent community

If your organization doesn’t already have a talent community in place, now is the time to start succession planning. Those who know your organization or who are already rooted in it can make some of your best recommendations.

Consider attracting your talented employees, retirees, and investors as sources of future talent. Also, take a look back at those who have applied for a job in the past and those who have left (hopefully on good terms).

Developing this pool is as simple as reaching and saying, “Hey! We start a kind of talent community. May I send you a monthly newsletter listing our latest openings and industry news? “

Use content marketing as a recruiting tool

This is an interesting approach and I don’t see many organizations doing this. The essence of using content to source people is creating content that will often be processed by readers who have the skills you want.

For example, if you’re a financial institution, sharing a social media post through a new programming language on your LinkedIn profile may not interest your followers in the financial sector. However, it can attract the UI developer you need to build your internal platform.

The success of this method depends on your content strategy. Make sure your posts adhere to your company’s messaging and branding standards.

Contact professional associations

Professional associations can be a very powerful procurement technique. If you have a recruiting initiative based around college and university attendance, this is a similar principle. Instead of getting to know new talents at the entry level, you can get to know talents at the professional or local level with professional associations.

This method may require creative thinking and extra time exploring the associations that match your talent needs, but it will quickly fill your talent pool. Plus, you’ll save time that might otherwise be wasted competing for attention at job boards and virtual career fairs.

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Check out social media platforms

While LinkedIn has become the social media platform for recruiting, people are showing off their talents in very clever ways on Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

If you transfer your talent search to social media platforms outside of LinkedIn, you save yourself the relentless competing job offers on the platform. Finding the right talent can be as easy as searching through a recent hashtag or the results of a keyword search.

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While job boards and social media platforms have become an industry standard, there are other unconventional ways to find top talent. Get creative with the techniques above and build the culture required to grow your business.

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