Video Footage of Homeless Man Being Shot To Loss of life By Deputies In San Clemente

On Wednesday, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) released a video of the incident in which a black homeless man was shot dead in San Clemente.

According to the KTLA, a deputy shot Kurt Andras Reinhold after allegedly stopping the 42-year-old man for jaywalking. The OCSD has since been accused of using excessive force.

Newly released dashcam footage, a cell phone video of a witness, audio from proxy microphones, and video from a nearby motel captured Reinhold’s death on September 23, 2020. The OCSD does not have body cameras issued by the department.

The recordings showed two MPs addressing Reinhold as they reportedly tried to steer the man back onto the sidewalk. However, an off-camera conversation between the two MPs revealed that the homeless liaison officers had not addressed Reinhold’s mental health.

“Look at that. He’s going to jaywalk,” one of them says on the dashcam footage.

The members of parliament discussed whether Reinhold was jaywalking, and one of them said to the other: “Do not do justice.”

The men approach the man as he stood on the sidewalk at the zebra crossing.

“Are you going to quit or do we have to make you quit?” one of the MPs asked Reinhold several times.

Reinhold asked: “What for?”

The MP gave Jaywalking as the reason for the stop.

“What are you talking about? I’m going,” replied an excited Reinhold and asked the delegates not to touch him anymore.

Cell phone recordings of the incident showed the unarmed man arguing with officers as they tried to prevent him from leaving.

Instead of trying to de-escalate the tense situation, they grabbed Reinhold on the ground and a fight ensued.

One of the officers said he would arrest the man for resisting.

“That is ridiculous,” replied Reinhold.

Shortly afterwards, one heard a member of parliament say, “He has my weapon.”

Two shots were fired and killed the man. Video footage showed MPs performing CPR, but to no avail – Reinhold was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man’s family, according to the Orange County Register filed an unlawful death lawsuit against the OCSD.

“These officers should be trained to deal with the homeless or emotional problems,” said John Taylor, attorney for the Reinhold family. “How do we end up with Kurt landing on the ground, being jumped by the two officers and being killed in the end?”

According to the publication, protests took place in San Clemente after Reinhold’s death.

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