Watch: How Caulipower Founder Gail Becker Constructed a Quick-Rising Meals Enterprise Regardless of Having No Trade Expertise

In 2016, Gail Becker quit her comfortable corporate job to pursue a business idea – and didn’t tell anyone what she was doing. “I knew people would say I was crazy and I just didn’t want to hear it,” she says. The idea: a healthier frozen pizza with cauliflower, inspired by her two children who were diagnosed with celiac disease and who had to eat a gluten-free diet.

The company she founded, Caulipower, reportedly has annual sales of $ 100 million and offers a range of frozen vegetable-based foods in national chains such as Whole Foods and Target. At Inc.’s latest streaming event, Your Next Move, Becker spoke to Lindsay Blakely, Managing Editor of, about raising funds, putting a product on store shelves, and what it is like during a pandemic run a food business. Check out the clips below for more information on their startup history and advice for entrepreneurs.

How to know when it’s time to introduce new product lines:

In a kitchen experiment that resulted in a popular new product:

About their definition of “smart money” and how to collect it:

An easy way to keep your team busy remotely:

What investors expect from every founder:

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