10 Methods for Entrepreneurs to Energy By way of Powerful Instances

Let’s face it: things are changing fast, the world is chaotic right now, and entrepreneurs in trouble strive to maintain a sense of control during these difficult times. I know because I feel it too. But with so much in the air, there is still a lot of optimism to hold on to. People may be divided these days, but what we all have in common is the goal of continuing to strive for success.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you focus on your goals while the ground moves beneath you. No matter what, you absolutely can do this.

1. Just keep going

I tell myself that every day. When things are uncertain and big changes arise, your brain wants to tell you to pause. And believe me, a little break is a good thing. But there is so much to be said about overcoming difficulties and finding out what is on the other side.

When it comes to my business, I won’t let a handful – or a bucket of – strangers stop me. What’s the most important thing to help plowing? A solid routine. Surely you had a normal work routine that you were used to when you were in the office, or maybe you were already an entrepreneur working from home. No matter what, you had some kind of routine. Try as best you can to resume a normal work routine – it is the structure that holds your work life together and it is the key to your success.

2. Learn how to read the room.

This has become one of my favorite sayings in this changing political and economic climate. Take a moment to see outside of yourself that we are all in the same boat. We all want to be healthy, safe and successful. We want our business to flourish.

When serious doubt and fear knock on your door, you realize that as entrepreneurs and humans we are all together. There is a lot going on in the world right now, and trying to see the big picture is not only helping you mentally but your business as well.

How is your brand reacting to the changes we are seeing and is it okay with many different points of view and experiences? Keep up to date and pay attention to what your brand is saying in this new normal.

3. Finally, focus on your to-do list

Whether or not you are still stuck at home, it’s important to take a look at this rare moment in history and find some positive aspects. If business has been slowing down recently, a positive outcome could be more time to get things done. Everyone who runs their own business has a huge to-do list and now is the time to tackle these in your personal and professional life.

Mobilize yourself for the future instead of sitting around in doubts and worries. One thing that really helps me tackle my to-do list is planning out each item so that I don’t feel like I have to do it all at once. If your company has important things to do, determine the realistic time it will take to complete each task and mark the due dates on your calendar. So all the better if you can outsource one of your tasks to someone on your team.

4. Build team morale to weather tough times

It is more important than ever to get your team excited about the future. Whether you’ve been a long-time entrepreneur or just starting out, you know how important a good work ethic is to the success of your business. But these days, some companies are finding it slipping through the cracks.

Since you are the leader of your team, start by setting a good example. Try not to be in your pajamas on your Zoom calls. Set up your home office so that it looks professional, uplifting, and fits the mood of your brand.

Stay positive. Avoid sharing negative news that you may have read online and choose your words carefully when speaking to your co-workers. Focus on what you can all control as a team. Encourage others to share new ideas they may need to grow the business.

5. Rethink how you are promoting yourself – but don’t stop doing it

Just because the world seems to be on the edge of its seat, waiting for changes to come, doesn’t stop you promoting your company or yourself. It is normal for companies to stop advertising during difficult times and times of uncertainty. However, if you do get dark you will have to do a lot of legwork once things start to recover.

If you’ve previously spent a lot of money on marketing and PR, see if you can get creative and look at it from a different angle. Keep your brand in front of customers and strengthen your online presence by sharing how your company is giving back when so many people are struggling.

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This comes back to reading the room. Be very aware and think about how you will promote yourself during difficult times. If your brand is still promoting, responding, and grabbing the market’s attention in the now.

6. Rethink how you want your company to function

This is also the perfect time to assess what has worked and what has not worked for your company. A lot of the things we did before the quarantine turned out to be unnecessary. For example go to the office. Those strange times have taught us that many of the processes we previously relied on are no longer necessary. Ask yourself what other things you are doing for your business that no longer make sense in order to continue. What better way to get things done in the future?

Take this opportunity to engage your team. Together, think about how the company can be run more efficiently.

7. Bring people together

I’m not just talking about your team. Whatever your views, you can see that we are a seriously divided country. Today’s hot button problem and conflicting viewpoints generate a lot of emotion, and that’s fine. How can your brand bring people together when emotions are high and so many things are pulling us apart?

Inclusivity is such an important issue right now. In order for your brand to thrive, you should consider how open it is to everyone. Is your brand fun, flirty, uplifting, useful, or innovative? Highlight these great qualities and make sure they appeal to the many rather than the few. Keep your messages as comprehensive as possible to get more business.

8. Learn how to deal with your stress

I am just as guilty as anyone for being locked into social media, logging all changes, and figuring out what will happen next. I can tell you that this does not mean anything positive for my stress level. There are so many rumors and so much disinformation that it can be detrimental to your focus and mental health.

As a hardworking entrepreneur, it is important to keep stress levels down. If you feel overwhelmed, reach out to a friend on the phone, go for a walk, or play with your kids or pets. Try to do something that you enjoy every day. There will be a necessary boost to your personal and professional wellbeing. Regular exercise is also important, even if it’s only a few minutes a day.

9. Connect with your co-workers and share advice

Take the time to study other entrepreneurs, whether they are your competitors or simply your co-workers. What are you doing these days that seems to work for you? What are you doing that doesn’t seem to work? Most people face the same challenges as you, and we can all learn a lot from each other.

Since we can’t congregate around the office water cooler, you can find a water cooler online. Consider new business partnerships. Perhaps you once had a mentor who encouraged you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Contact that person for advice.

10. Decide what impact you want to have in the world

I saved the best advice for last. During this time of worry and uncertainty, ask yourself: How is my company and brand bringing a good mood to the world?

Everyone is looking for security and hope right now. Your brand has the power to contribute to that need – if only a little. Brainstorm how your brand could improve people’s lives right now. There are other ways in which your company can make a difference. You won’t believe how much this good energy pays off!

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