1000’s collect to listen to Biden give victory speech in Wilmington | US & Canada

Supporters of US President-elect Joe Biden say this is “a moment in history” as the first-elected President of Delaware addresses the nation.

Wilmington, Delaware – As US President-elect Joe Biden prepared to speak in Wilmington, thousands of people in masks walked to the Chase Center and stood by a fence that prevented them from getting too close.

“Do you think we’ll hear him from here?” A young woman, Elizabeth, asked her friend Emmett. They didn’t want to give their last names.

“I’ve lived in Wilmington, Delaware all my life, so it’s pretty cool to see someone from Delaware actually become president,” said Elizabeth.

Her friend praised the historic victory of Kamala Harris, the elected vice president.

“For me, it’s a moment in history,” said Emmett. “To have a Delaware president and the first black woman and South Asian vice president.”

Elizabeth said the Biden-Harris leadership would change the tone of the country [Hilary Beaumont/Al Jazeera]Elizabeth said her leadership would change the tone of the country. “I hope it affects people now that we have a president who seems to be respectful.”

When Harris appeared on a big screen in white, the crowd cheered, though it was impossible to hear them. “Speak louder,” someone shouted jokingly. A woman used binoculars to look at the screen. Another woman broadcast the speech live on her cell phone.

Maxene Black, 80, shuffled her walker to Biden’s speech. “I love Joe Biden,” she said.

“I’ve been crying all day. I look at Joe Biden and I think the dreamers will be able to come here. You will be able to stay here. Black people will have better lives, we will all have better lives. “

Biden, she said, can work across the aisle even if he hasn’t taken over the Senate. “He’ll be able to work with people.”

Elizabeth said she believed Biden could unite the divided land. “I think he can, it won’t be overnight.” While she feared that the US would go in a dark direction, she says, “Now I see hope.”


Jessenia Ortiz and her friend Jennifer Perez huddled together while they waited for Biden to speak. They were on their way to the movies when they heard Biden would speak and changed their plans.

Jessenia Ortiz and her friend Jennifer Perez huddled together while they waited for Biden to speak [Hilary Beaumont/Al Jazeera]Both said they felt “excited” when they heard that Biden won. Ortiz said it eased her fear of knowing he would run the country instead of Trump.

“I hope it’s not for nothing and that he actually does what he promised,” said Ortiz.

“And there is a change,” added Perez.

They want health care for everyone, they want the police to stop shooting black Americans, and they want Biden to reverse Trump’s immigration policies.

“I feel so at peace, it feels good,” Ortiz said, looking around the crowd. “It’s amazing what a person can actually do to make us feel at peace again.”

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