$124,000 Raised for Shaina Bell, Single Mom Arrested For Leaving Children in Motel Whereas She Went to Work

The Internet emerges for Shaina Bell, a young, black, 24-year-old Ohio woman who was arrested after she was accused of leaving her young children alone in a motel room while she worked in a pizza shop.

According to the WFMJ, Bell of Liberty Township was arrested on Feb. 11 and charged with two child endangerment and risk education cases. Authorities said they responded to a tip and found their two daughters 10 and 2 alone at a Belmont Avenue Motel 6 after 6 p.m.

Liberty Police: Children left in the motel while mom works in the pizza shop https://t.co/S0gq1Y087I pic.twitter.com/MK2pQtH6lP

– 21. WFMJ (@ 21WFMJ) February 12, 2021

After her plight became known, Bell’s mother, Danielle Hosey, set up a GoFundMe account to “Help Shaina Bell Rebuild Her Childhood.”

“Shaina is a single mother of three young children. She works hard and loves her family very much. On Thursday, February 11, 2021, Shaina was arrested at work and taken to prison for leaving two of her children (10 and 2 years old) alone in her hotel room while she went to work. She was released the next day but had to be detained immediately.

“This campaign was launched to help Shaina and her children find the money they need to ensure permanent and safe shelter. Anything raised will directly help create a safe and lasting home for Shaina, Faith, Jai’Sean, and Jade. “

After the fund was suspended at $ 5,000, donations have largely exceeded the amount requested. Currently, nearly 4,000 people have raised a total of $ 124,344.

According to Vice, Bell has been charged with two child endangerment cases, a first degree misdemeanor that carries a possible maximum sentence of six months in prison and fines of up to $ 1,000.

Bell is expected to attend another trial in April.

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