An Iranian viral rap video’s message for Individuals: ‘Your election issues right here, too.’

It’s not exactly Eminem’s appeal to voters that they have “an opportunity” to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. But an Iranian band made a viral rap video hit in Iran with a message similar to that of the Americans: The ballot you cast will have a direct impact on our lives.

“Our hands are raised in prayer, what will happen in America? What will happen in america “The band Dasandaz sings in Persian with English subtitles.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, and others in the hierarchy have said that whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican makes no difference in America’s hostile policies towards Iran.

Mr Khamenei, who has the final say on all state affairs in Iran, took this position on Tuesday, claiming in a televised address that the United States is doomed to fail no matter who is elected.

“There will definitely be changes with a new person, but those changes are irrelevant to us,” said Khamenei. “Our policy towards the United States is calculated and clear and doesn’t change when people come and go.”

“Of course some of them, if they take office, will destroy America sooner,” he said, “and others, if elected, will result in America being destroyed a little later.”

But ordinary Iranians, analysts, and many politicians disagree. Social media, media commentary and interviews openly state that America’s 2020 presidential election is the most momentous episode for the Islamic Republic in its 41-year history.

The outcome could set the course for whether Iran faces deeper economic collapse, isolation, and possible military conflict with a Trump administration or a return to the nuclear deal that President Trump has rejected, which will facilitate economic sanctions and encourage engagement a Biden government.

“Iranians deserve at least 1,000 polling stations and 20 votes in the US elections because our lives are directly affected,” said economist Siamak Ghassemi on Twitter. He hosted a live Instagram session for his 340,000 followers on Monday to explain how the U.S. elections could affect the Iranian economy.

Iranians, like many people around the world, are fixated on the twists and turns of the US election this year. Many stayed up all night to watch the debates and campaign speeches and to follow the polls closely. The Iranian media have been extensively involved in the elections and have frequently published explanatory articles to inform Iranians about how the votes are counted.

“If you want to eat healthy, take care of your child with minimal effort. This is a great struggle in Tehran,” said Nasim Ghazizadeh, mother and reporter for Shargh newspaper in Tehran. “Our economy can no longer need four years of it.”

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