Dermatologist Dr. Milton D. Moore Launches ‘Black Pores and skin Deep’ Podcast

Industry leading dermatologist Dr. For the crowd of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who have encountered racial obstacles, Milton D. Moore launched the Black Skin Deep podcast – a platform this respected and respected medical professional shares how he got through battles with endures systemic racism, inequality, and bias in the business world and beyond – and how its listeners can do the same.

Black Skin Deep with Dr. Moore is a deeply personal podcast that sheds light on his insights, perspectives, and reflections on decades of experience as a black pharmacist, dermatologist, and entrepreneur. As a program that validates #BlackLivesMatter and contributes to the national discourse on social justice and equity, the podcast includes Dr. Moore’s detailed and deeply personal discussions about seizing opportunities, recovering pitfalls, and challenging practices and perceptions.

He has achieved this through a persistent pursuit of representing and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the mass retail market. An example of this endeavor is his work as the founder and CEO of the Moore Unique Skin Care line of products, which was recently recognized in the Walmart “Made in America” supplier program. This achievement clearly shows how successful a small, minority vendor can do with a retailer of this size and caliber.

In addition to entrepreneurial, leadership, and success-oriented conversations that correlate how painful struggles ultimately lead to overwhelming success, podcast listeners of ‘Black Skin Deep’ will also get to know Drs on a highly personal and sentimental level. Get in touch with Moore. Discussions include how his upbringing, role model for savvy family members and mentors, and rigorous training at three prestigious historically black colleges and universities (Xavier, Meharry, and Howard) challenged him and inspired him to excel. Dr. Moore’s journey is more than skin-deep – it’s Black Skin Deep.

Black Skin Deep episodes are available online at The podcast is distributed worldwide via Apple Podcasts, Deezer, iHeart, Stitcher and other popular mobile apps. Listeners are also encouraged to get involved virtually #BlackSkinDeep conversations on their own social media channels.

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