Federal Prosecutors Throwing the Guide At Capitol Rioters

The federal prosecutor throws the book at the Capitol rioters as many have been charged with serious criminal offenses that could result in substantial jail sentences.

The government has brought charges against the federal grand jury, including conspiracy charges against defendants believed to be members of the Proud Boys and other right-wing organizations.

According to the Huffington Post, nearly a dozen defendants were charged with serious charges on Wednesday. Two common charges are obstruction of due process and aiding and abetting.

Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson, two former Rocky Mount police officers, were initially charged with knowingly entering or remaining in a restricted building or compound without legitimate authority and forcible entry and disorderly behavior on the Capitol property.

However, a federal grand jury addressed four other charges, including unauthorized entry and stay in the U.S. Capitol and participation in disruptive behavior. If convicted, Fracker and Robertson could face heavy jail sentences and their careers as civil servants would be over.

According to the New York Times, 26 people were charged with conspiracy and assault. 43 people have been charged with law enforcement, gun crimes, threats or property crimes. More than 100 people were accused of entering or disrupting Congress.

In total, more than 175 rioters have faced at least one charge, 20 have links to right-wing extremist organizations and more than 20 defendants are current or former military personnel.

The incident also resulted in former President Donald Trump being the only President to be charged twice. He is now facing impeachment proceedings in which he will not testify.

Rioters were not charged or arrested on the day of the attack, but many were picked up at their homes or at the airport upon arrival in their home state. Social media played a significant role in the days following the uprising, as many were identified on Twitter, Facebook, and even dating apps.

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