Get lively with a Christmas playlist created particularly for you, an entrepreneur!

With love Entrepreneur and Xóchitl Luján.

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December 24, 2020 2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors can occur due to this process.

This year has been difficult for everyone in some ways, but hopefully you can enjoy a healthy and loving Christmas with your close family members. The entrepreneurial family wishes you all the best this holiday season.

That’s why we’re sharing a Christmas playlist created by Xóchitl Luján for Entrepreneur so you can activate yourself with all the vibes of the time. Enjoy it! And tell us about a Christmas experience.

It contains the following songs:

Image: Courtesy of Suono.

  1. Sleigh Ride – Zigo, Joan Rochette.
  2. Christmas all year round – Sabrina Carpenter.
  3. Jingle Bells – John Hancock.
  4. My kind of gift – Meghan Trainor.
  5. Still still – cascade.
  6. Merry Christmas darling – Christina Perri.
  7. Winter wonderland – Sutro Heights.
  8. My favorite things – Kelly Clarkson.
  9. Christmas Tree Farm – Taylor Swift.
  10. Christmas Chillhop – M Atwood.
  11. Oh holy night – Christina Aguilera.
  12. You are my gift – Gwen Stefani.
  13. It’s not Christmas until you get home – Nora Jones.
  14. Adult Christmas List – Amy Grant.
  15. Biggest Time of the Year – Aly & AJ.
  16. Santa Tell Me – Ariana Grande.
  17. Sleigh Ride – Miley Cyrus.
  18. Christmas packaging (with Iggy Pop) – Kylie Minogue.
  19. All I want for Christmas is you – Fifth Harmony.
  20. Ave Maria – Beyonce.
  21. I’ll be home for Christmas – Demi Lovato.
  22. I’ll be home – Meghan Trainor.
  23. It’s not Christmas until someone cries – Carly Rae Jepsen.
  24. Peace on Earth – Cascade.
  25. White Christmas – Amy Grant.
  26. Do you know that it’s Christmas – Erika Scherlin.

Tell us what’s your favorite Christmas carol?

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