Group Takes Authorized Motion Over Lack of Abortion Companies in Northern Eire

Travel restrictions have also exacerbated an already difficult situation as many women in Northern Ireland continued to travel to England to complete the procedure. But the risk to their own health and last year’s travel restrictions have made this all but impossible, rights groups say.

The region’s Ministry of Health has not issued guidelines for the provision of abortion services. The department previously issued a statement to the Belfast Telegraph stating that there was no need to commission abortion services. Further decisions on contracting abortion services would be made after a public consultation with the Northern Irish Executive and Assembly. The Northern Irish executive, the decentralized government of the region, received requests from the department to commission abortions in April and May and has not yet had a debate.

Critics say the inaction is an excuse to delay the implementation of a robust program over an issue that remains controversial, with some of the political parties in power still opposed to access to abortion. The Department of Heath and Northern Ireland’s executive branch did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

However, the legislature in the UK Parliament has expressed concern over the issue. Alliance Party’s vice chairman Stephen Farry tweeted on Sunday: “It should not again be left to the courts to ensure the law is enforced. The abortion law is now in place. “

While the rest of the UK has given way to telemedicine services for abortion seekers, Northern Ireland has not, despite the fact that the Minister of Health has been given special powers to allow telemedicine where appropriate, which he declined. Alliance for Choice, a Northern Irish reproductive rights group and a vocal critic of the lack of services, advocated legal action, saying the problem has already reached a crisis point for many women and girls.

Emma Campbell, the group’s co-chair, said that for most women seeking early abortion, the process is a simple procedure of taking five tablets. Your group offers “abortion doulas” to provide advice and support either by phone or text.

“We get a lot of calls from people who don’t know, who are angry and angry and upset,” said Ms. Campbell.

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