Harry and Meghan Going Public at a Powerful Time for the Royals

Meghan only appeared briefly in the interview when Mr. Corden called her to suggest that she and Harry buy the fresh prince’s house. She is expected to get her close-up from Ms. Winfrey during the interview on CBS.

Unexpectedly, Harry offered a backhand for “The Crown,” the popular Netflix series about the royal family that has been criticized by some in the UK for being quick and easy with the facts. While recognizing his artistic license, he said it captured relentless control over working royals.

“I’m much more comfortable with ‘The Crown’ than with the stories that have been written about my family, my wife or myself,” he said, referring to the rough UK tabloids.

Harry and Meghan go public at a difficult time for the royal family. A vigil is being held over Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, who is spending his tenth day in a London hospital receiving treatment for an infection. Philip was visited by Prince Charles, his son, and Prince William, his grandson.

William told a photographer earlier this week that the 99-year-old Philip was fine and the palace said he was responding to treatment. The 94-year-old Queen has yet to travel from Windsor Castle to visit her husband. But his age and length of hospital stay raised inevitable concerns for his health.

Elizabeth and Philip were both vaccinated against the coronavirus – a fact the Queen noted in a video call with health officials Thursday urging all Britons to get vaccinated. Returning to the spirit of national solidarity during World War II, she said that people who refused to be vaccinated should think of others rather than themselves.

“Once you have a vaccine you feel like you are protected, which I think is very important and as far as I could tell it was pretty harmless,” said the Queen. “The bump – it didn’t hurt at all.”

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