Harvey Weinstein charged with six extra counts of sexual assault | US & Canada

The new charges filed in Los Angeles involve two victims and stem from incidents that occurred more than a decade ago.

The disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein has been charged with six other violent sexual assaults in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles District Attorney said Friday.

The charges involve two victims and stem from incidents that occurred more than a decade ago, District Attorney Jackie Lacey said in a statement.

Weinstein, who was convicted of sex crimes in New York earlier this year, now faces a total of four cases of rape and violent oral copulation, two cases of sexual battery through restraint and one case of sexual penetration through use of force, according to Lacey, there are five victims of Crimes that stretched in the Los Angeles area from 2004 to 2013.

Representatives from Weinstein, who has been in prison in New York for 23 years, did not immediately comment on the new charges. Weinstein has always denied not having non-consensual sex with anyone.

If the once powerful Hollywood mogul is convicted as a defendant in Los Angeles, he will have to live in state prison for up to 140 years from Friday, according to a statement.

“I am grateful to the first women who reported these crimes and whose courage gave others strength to speak out,” Lacey said in a statement.

“The willingness of these latest victims to testify against a powerful man gives us the additional evidence we need to build a convincing criminal case,” she added.

68-year-old Weinstein was originally charged by Los Angeles prosecutors in January of sexually assaulting two women in various incidents in 2013.

His conviction in New York for sexual assault and rape in a criminal case was hailed as a victory for the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct by powerful men.

The Los Angeles Attorney’s Office has filed a motion for the temporary detention of Weinstein from New York. An extradition negotiation is scheduled for December.

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