How An Above-and-Past Floral Expertise Led to a Lifetime Buyer

Nic Faitos, owner of Starbright Floral Designs, explains how small adjustments and investing in the extras can make a big difference – especially in terms of sales.

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November 13, 2020 3 min read

Pay attention to the details. We’ve all heard the mantra, but taken it to heart and applied it to your business – that’s another story. In our first installment of Behind the Review, hear from Nic Faitos, a finance professional turned florist, and explain why investing in details is always worthwhile in the long run – although sometimes it is costly and tedious.

Starbright Floral Design started 15 years after Faitos’ career in finance when he decided to do something new. “I worked on Wall Street and I think I had a midlife crisis a little earlier than most, at least that’s what my wife says. I tried to find a way to take off my jacket, tie, and suspenders and let my hair grow out, and flowers were a perfect fit.

“I took a product that unfortunately at the time was treated like a sack of potatoes, just tossed around and taken where it was deserved and needed,” said Faitos. “Sending flowers to someone should be a happy experience. Not a frustrating one. We worked on a number of principles that served us well then, and we have not forgotten them since. “

To get a different perspective on why the details are so important, we spoke to reviewer Marla Frezza, a self-described full-time foodie and part-time cook. Frezza had her first experience with Starbright earlier this year, and Faitos’ arrangements were so superb (and lasting) that her very first evaluation for a florist was not as a buyer but as a recipient.

Faitos and Frezza share:

  • Why are the details so important and what do we mean when we say “details”?
  • What really goes the extra mile
    (Note: it could mean spending a little more money upfront in order to get a higher return later.)
  • How an extraordinary experience can turn a gift recipient into a lifelong customer
  • Why it is important for both the customer and the business owner to listen (really listen) and internalize customer feedback

Here’s a little bit of how Faitos thinks about business:

“It’s about keeping your principles. No matter how much you grow, you want to do this with some controls that don’t lose sight of your original principles, no matter what they look like – whether your principles are price-based, value-based, whether they’re based on us on quality, the overall customer experience, and all the little things that make the overall picture of the experience solid and worthwhile. “

Listen to the episode below to hear straight from Faitos and Frezza, and subscribe to Behind the Review for more from new business owners and reviewers every Thursday.

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