Hulu Apologizes For Selling Breonna Taylor Docuseries on Similar Day of Grand Jury’s Announcement

Breonna Taylor (Photo credit: Instagram/@keyanna.guifarro)

Hulu is under fire for promoting a new documentary about Breonna Taylor on the same day it became known that the police officers responsible for her death were not directly charged with the fatal shooting.

On Wednesday, the streaming service began promoting the FX documentaries entitled “The New York Times Presents: The Killing of Breonna Taylor”. Critics say that by promoting the series on the same day, HULU was apparently insensitive, which led the Disney company to pull the advertisement and apologize, according to the New York Daily News.

The streaming company apologized on its Twitter account.

We used to advertise content that we believed would matter in light of today’s events. That was just the wrong call. We removed the posts and we are very sorry. Thank you for holding us accountable – we will learn from it.

– Hulu (@hulu) September 24, 2020

The original, now deleted post with the trailer read: “Breonna Taylor’s life has changed. Then the police came to their door, “read the tweet. #NYTPresents: The Breonna Taylor murders haunt the missteps of the fatal assault. #FXonHulu. “

Hulu(Image: screenshot)

A certain Twitter user was disgusted by the action.

Y’all took advantage of her name and story for your reviews !!! If you wanted to do something useful, you would have said JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR. Is your family involved in this “documentary” at all or did you do it to go for the “We’ll take care” trend?!?!

– PROTECT ALL BLACK WOMEN @ (@madurofritos) September 24, 2020

Another gave a different perspective.

I am receiving criticism of: This promo, but I also want you to know that the doctor is shedding light on the facts of the incident and the subsequent misrepresentation by the police in the press to cover up their mistakes. It could get even more people to want justice and reform.

– Ashley Arlow (@ashmarlo) September 25, 2020

Former Louisville Police Officer Brett Hankison was charged with three willful harm in the first degree. He showed extreme indifference to human life for firing shots into a neighboring apartment.

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