In some way Black Males Are Nonetheless Supporting Donald Trump

Trump supporters forego flags and march in support of Donald Trump, who lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden (Image: Twitter / @MilionMagaMarch)

Amazingly, 12% of black men voted for outgoing President Donald Trump in 2020. While many blacks remain appalled by the statistics, it appears many are These black men remain loyal Trump supporters.

In an interview with theGrio, Will Coggins, a Trump supporter, explained why he is behind Trump and refuses to accept the election results: “As a country, we have a problem with the votes being confirmed because it means your vote is not What matters more is what a dangerous position is. “

And while Trump continued to launch unsubstantiated lawsuits and investigations into electoral fraud despite election officials, experts and courts failing to find such evidence, groups like Black Voices for Trump continued to have their backs:

Strengthening the black community has always been a top priority for Donald J. Trump even before he became president. Since his inauguration, President Trump has advocated policies that revitalized the black community. He has done this by creating a more inclusive economy for black Americans, providing historical funding to our historic black colleges and universities, expanding school choices, and giving former inmates a second chance to achieve the American dream. “

According to NBC News, more than half of black men (52%) who identified themselves as ideologically conservative voted for Donald Trump. One in three blacks living in the Midwest also voted for him, and about 26% of blacks with a high school diploma or less supported Trump. In addition, 22% of black men with bachelor’s degrees and 20% of black men with advanced degrees supported him.

Among prominent black men who are open Trump supported 50 Cent and Lil Wayne.

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