Million Maga March Brings Far Proper Leaders, Violence To D.C.

Donald Trump’s supporters took to the streets of Washington, DC to express their support for the outgoing president, incite violence and show that the US is more divided than ever.

Thousands of people attended the event, according to multiple reports, but nowhere near the 1 million that White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany visited on Twitter. Many of those who attended the Million MAGA March were members of the Proud Boys, a right-wing, neo-fascist and men-only extremist organization. the oath guards; and the three percent.

As the Million MAGA March went on, members clashed with an anti-Trump group trying to get to a hotel where Trump supporters were staying. According to the Washington Post, a Trump supporter attempted to stab an anti-Trump supporter with a flag with the president’s name on it, and videos showed protesters intimidating and fighting counter-protesters.

Many far-right organizations have taken to the streets across the country to hold protests and rallies as more government officials and lawmakers admit that Democratic candidate Joe Biden will be the next president.

Additionally, Trump continues to file lawsuits that are meant to be nowhere. After judges in Michigan and Arizona dropped cases on Friday, Trump is now 0:16 in his lawsuits and also frustrates judges with his unsubstantiated claims.

According to Fox News, Washington DC police made ten arrests related to the Million MAGA March, including four firearm violations, two simple attacks, one without permission, one attack by a police officer, and two disorderly charges.

DC Police Chief Peter Newsham warned last week that the open carrying of firearms in the city is not legal and that anyone who breaks the law peacefully or otherwise would be arrested and charged.

“We see some people communicating on social media suggesting that they bring firearms into our town,” DC Police Chief Peter Newsham told Fox last week. “You can’t open Carry in the District of Columbia anywhere in the District of Columbia.”

The Million MAGA March can be seen as a victory for Trump supporters, but it won’t change the election results or the fact that Trump’s days in office are numbered.

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