Missouri Pastor Positioned On Go away After Telling Girls to Put on Make-up, Costume Properly, Have Good Hair, and Seem Much less Butch

On a Sunday morning in February, a pastor in Missouri gave a sermon that offended so many people that the Church put him on leave.

According to KMOV, the offensive dialogue touched how he feels that women need to lose weight and submit to their husbands’ sexual desires in order not to get lost. He also explained that women need to wear makeup, dress nicely, have beautiful hair and appear less “butch”.

Pastor Stewart-Allen Clark’s 22-minute sermon was delivered during a service on February 28 at the First General Baptist Church.

Reagan Williams posted the video of the sermon on her Facebook page:

“On that beautiful Sunday morning, I spent my time preparing to listen to a senior pastor in Malden who casually chose to practice pastoral abuse on women. His name is Stewart Allen Clark and he preaches to First General Baptist.

“He continues to blame women for the actions of men, saying it is from God and it should be accepted as normal. Instead of teaching men and boys to take responsibility for their actions and control themselves, he humiliates women, blames the victims and points a finger at their very existence. “

General Baptist Ministries issued a statement on the pastor’s sermon.

The Executive Committee of the General Baptist Council of Associations met today, March 1, 2021, to resolve concerns related to a sermon given by Stewart-Allen Clark at Malden First General Baptist Church that has received significant attention. The sermon contained comments inconsistent with the positions and values ​​of the Baptist General. In accordance with our structure, the Executive Committee recommended that the Association Council and the MoArk Presbytery investigate the statements and take appropriate action.

“Baptists General believe that every woman was created in the image of God and they should be valued for this reason. Furthermore, we believe that all people, regardless of other factors, are so loved by God that Christ died for them. “

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